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Sham 69 5n CD:n boxi The Albums (Sancturay CMXBX 1136, UK 2005), uudenveroinen. Katso kuvaustani. Mukana Sham 69 5 ensimmäistä LP:tä (punk-klassikoita) näköispainoksina:

Tell Us The Truth
That´s Life
The Adventures Of Hersham Boys (mukana maxisinkun biisit)
The Game

Sisältää itse boxin + levyt omissa kansissaan, jotka ovat näköispainoksia alkuperäiskansista, lisäksi mukana hyvä historiikkivihkonen.

Katso myös muita avoimia kohteitani, yhdistän mielelläni voittavat huudot, säästät postikuluissa.

The November 12, 1976 issue of NME notes that Sham 69 was rehearsing in 1976, although only Pursey would remain from this early lineup twelve months later. Sham 69 did not have the art school background of many English punk bands of the time, and brought in football chant backup vocals and a sort of inarticulate political populism. The band had a large skinhead following (left wing, right wing and non-political), which helped set the tone for the Oi! movement. Their concerts were notoriously plagued by violence, and the band ceased live performances after a 1978 concert at Middlesex Polytechnic was broken up by National Front-supporting white power skinheads fighting and rushing the stage.
Sham 69 released their first single, "I Dont Wanna", on Step Forward Records in August 1977, produced by John Cale (formerly of the Velvet Underground), and its success in the independent charts prompted Polydor Records to sign the band. Their major label debut was "Borstal Breakout" in January 1978, followed by UK Singles Chart success with "Angels With Dirty Faces" (reaching number 19 in May 1978) and "If the Kids Are United" (number 9 in July 1978). They were taken from the groups debut album, Tell Us the Truth, a mixture of live and studio recordings.[1] The group had further chart success with "Hurry Up Harry" (number 10 in October 1978), which came from their second LP and first full studio album, Thats Life. The bands popularity was enhanced by their performances on Top Of The Pops, and the band performed in the 1980 film, D.O.A..
The band eventually started to move away from punk rock, to embrace a sound heavily influenced by classic British rock bands such as Mott the Hoople, The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Faces. This was demonstrated by their third album, The Adventures of the Hersham Boys.
Sham 69 originally broke up after their fourth album, and Pursey moved in a heavy metal direction after working with the remaining members of the Sex Pistols for a short time, under the name Sham Pistols. Rick Goldstein, Dave Parsons, and Dave Treganna joined the 1980s glam punk/gothic rock band The Wanderers with Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys before he formed The Lords of the New Church. Stiv Bators and Dave Treganna recruited Nick Turner of The Barracudas and Brian James of The Damned to become Lords of the New Church. In 1981, Pursey collaborated with Peter Gabriel on the single "Animals Have More Fun" which was commercially unsuccessful.

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