Decorating furniture.

Texture, Paint, Ornament and Mosaic Projects contains complete, easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photographs to guide you. 
Texture stucco effects make decorative moldings with caulking artist's gels all the products and applications clearly explained. Paint textural effects with paint -- dragging, smooshing, sponging marble and granite effects working with metallics, leafing and patina all about paint and craft supplies and their properties. Ornament and Mosaic unusual accents including baskets, silverware, beads and buttons leaves and vines for a rustic look copper cutouts three exciting mosaic tabletops. Also included: a full section on making and repairing chair seats and cushions.

  • uudenveroinen, lukematon
  • englanninkielinen
  • painettu 2002
  • 128 sivua
  • ISBN 1-55297-618-1

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