Simple Minds - New Gold Dream  

 ..... Press test special  /  White Label Pressing  !!



1. Someone Somewhere In Summertime

2. Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel

3. Promised You A Miracle

4. Big Sleep

5. Somebody Up There Likes You

6. New Gold Dream  (81-82-83-84)

7. Glittering Prize

8. Hunter And The Hunted

9. King Is White And In The Crowd


SIMPLE MINDS  White Label Test Pressing LP

(Superb and extremely rare vinyl LP white label test pressing of sides A & B from the landmark Simple Minds Album.)

Only a small handful of these album test pressings were ever pressed and are incredibly hard to find.

Test pressing LPs are the very first to come off the stampers and are thus closer to the sound of the master tape. LPs of this type are not usually offered for sale to consumers but are used by record companies for evaluation purposes.

It is only after the test pressings are approved that the actual LPs can be pressed.
Test Pressings are typically packaged in plain white or black jackets with blank record labels.
 As would be expected, quantities are extremely limited and this is one-of-a-kind

[ this one is impossible to find !! ]      ... 

A superb rarity for any collector!).

matrix no.    ...    V 2230 A  /  V 2230 B


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