Taisteluissa pelottavimpia ovat ne puissa kyykkijät, puskien suojassa nukkujat - jotka yhdellä osumalla tappavat vastukset. Sniper art of Victory on peli tarkka'ampujille ja kaikille sotilaille, joiden asekäsi kaipaa lisätreeniä ja toimintaa edulliseen hintaan!

WW II was a theatre of war for many specialized combat units, working together to ensure an army's victory. Among them a unique role was played by hidden and deadly marksmen. Their ability to lay motionless waiting for the perfect shot together with their professional equipment allowed them to change the course of the history with one pull of a trigger.

Become a sharpshooter and take part in the turning points of the WW II. Eliminate the Nazi general, who came to support the Germans lying siege to Stalingrad. Make your way through areas occupied by the Third Reich to your unit. Aid the Alliance forces during their offensive on the Italian Peninsula to break the resistance of the retreating Wehrmacht forces.

* the moved ballistic system, which considers wind and gravitational force.

* the realistic sniper rifles: Mosina- Nagant revolver PU Mauser 98KS

* the unique system of the shooting of snipers, in which is considered state the pointer (respiration, concentration and the like.)

Processor 1,6GHz CPU
- 512MB RAM
- Win 2000/XP/Vista
- Ati Radeon 8500 or GeForce3
- DirectX compatible sound card
- 2GB Free Hard Drive Space

Peli on uusi ja muoveissa.

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