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"Naked Blood is one of the greatest extreme Japanese films of all time!" -horrorexpress.com



US import


studio : Discotek Media

audio : Japanese

subtitles : English


Region : 1

Run Time: 76 minutes

kunto : Uudenveroinen



A young scientist named Eiji (Sadao Abe from "Uzumaki") decides to follow in his father's footsteps to help humanity by developing a drug that converts pain into pleasure. To test it out, he secretly adds his drug to a contraceptive that his mother has been performing clinical trials on with three young women at a local clinic. Of these women, one is enamored with eating, one is obsessively narcissistic, while the third has one seious case of insomnia.

Eiji begins following the three unsuspecting guinea pigs to see their reaction to his new creation, covertly videotaping them and methodically recording the results. Things start to get out of control when the women realize that the more pain they inflict on themselves, the better it feels! Eiji is unable to contain the womens' obsession with pleasure and his own obsession with one of them.

Cult director Hisayasu Sato (Rampo Noir) examines the detriment of a culture absorbed with superficiality and consumption. He does so with some of the nastiest, most over the top and sure to be discussed scenes ever shot on film, including the infamous coochielicious culinary delight, fish fry fingers, and the "pretty pretty" school of piercing!



Special features

  • Photo gallery
  • About the Director
  • Director filmography
  • Trailers



--- KATSO myös muut kohteet ! ---

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