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Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance
PC CD-ROM -peli


The conflict is escalating.
A neutral family fights for its business - and its survival - and is swept up in the struggle against the encroaching Empire. You must defy the strong-arm tactics of a rival family who will stop at nothing to destroy your trading company. Ultimately, you will join the Rebel Alliance for a series of covert assignments and uncover information about the Empire's second Death Star project. The finale? You'll find yourself at the controls of the legendary Millennium Falcon, flying against the massive Imperial Fleet in the Battle of Endor. X-Wing Alliance puts you right in the middle of the epic Star Wars conflict - and takes space combat excitement to new heights.

  • Take control of the "fastest ship in the galaxy" - the Millennium Falcon - as well as X-wings, A-wings, B-wings, Y-wings and Corellian transports.
  • Join the massive assault on the fully operational second Death Star in the epic Battle of Endor
  • Fifty story-driven single player missions and flexible new multi-player options
  • With new "skirmish" mode, you set your own mission parameters (number of ships, types of ships, targets, and more) to create customized single and multi-player conflicts
  • State-of-the-art space combat experience with updated graphics, special effects and expanded battles on an incredibly vast scale
  • Rich soundtrack fills out the experience, including extensive voice, dynamic audio that interacts with game events, the original Star Wars music, and authentic sound effects
  • Immersive environment includes true 3D cockpits - with full 360-degree views inside and out - as well as a true 3D hangar


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP (Testattu myös 7:lla, toimii kuulemma uudemmillakin)


Hiukan naarmuiset, toimivat CDt koteloineen (ohjeet levyllä).





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