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Starslayer: The Log of the Jolly Roger 1-34 of 34 (Pacific Comics; First Comics, 1982-1985)


First Issue  #1 - February 1982     Last  #34 - November 1985


Kaikki 34 numeroa:

Starslayer #1 1982 February
Starslayer #2 1982 April
Starslayer #3 1982 June
Starslayer #4 1982 August
Starslayer #5 1982 November
Starslayer #6 1983 April
Starslayer #7 1983 August
Starslayer #8 1983 September
Starslayer #9 1983 October
Starslayer #10 1983 November
Starslayer #11 1983 December
Starslayer #12 1984 January
Starslayer #13 1984 February
Starslayer #14 1984 March
Starslayer #15 1984 April
Starslayer #16 1984 May
Starslayer #17 1984 June
Starslayer #18 1984 July
Starslayer #19 1984 August
Starslayer #20 1984 September
Starslayer #21 1984 October
Starslayer #22 1984 November
Starslayer #23 1984 December
Starslayer #24 1985 January
Starslayer #25 1985 February
Starslayer #26 1985 March
Starslayer #27 1985 April
Starslayer #28 1985 May
Starslayer #29 1985 June
Starslayer #30 1985 July
Starslayer #31 1985 August
Starslayer #32 1985 September
Starslayer #33 1985 October
Starslayer #34 1985 November

6 ensimmäistä numeroa ilmestyivät Pacific Comicsin julkaisemina. Numerot 7-34 ovat First Comicsin julkaisemia.

Ohessa ovat kuvanäytteet:

#1 ja #2; #3 ja #13#15 ja #18#19 ja #21; #22 ja #34.

Pacific Comics; First Comics, 1982-1985, värikuv., 26 cm, niittinidos.


The first six issue limited series introduces the main character Torin Mac Quillon, a Celtic warrior from the time of the Roman Empire. Just before he is killed while fighting a group of Roman soldiers, he is pulled into the distant future by Tamara, a descendant of his wife after she remarried. Torin is asked to join the crew of the spaceship Jolly Roger in their fight against the oppressive regime that is ruling the Earth. Torin agrees, and he and his new shipmates successfully save the Earth's dying sun by the end of the first series.

When First Comics restarted the series, Torin and his crewmates travel throughout the galaxy and end up in  Cynosur, the nexus of all realities for First Comics, and gain a crew of pirates. At some point Torin travels back to the solar system with a device that can cause a star to implode into a black hole. He uses this weapon on the sun in the course of battle to destroy his enemies. Just at the point of implosion Torin speaks the name of the Celtic goddess of death, Morrigan, effectively sacrificing the star to her, which brings her back into existence. She proclaims Torin to be her avatar and orders him to go into the galaxy and kill in her name. Torin rebels, which is the basis of the remainder of the title's run.



Kunto:  Hyviä, uudenveroisia, uusia. Suuri osa on uusia/uudenveroisia. Merkitään yleisesti: Uudenveroisia.


Maksutapa: Tilisiirto etukäteen.
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