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Digitally Remastered 4x3 Transfer
Motion Menus
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Japanese
In English and Japanese Languages
English Subtitles
The Making of Street Fighter Alpha
Street Fighter Alpha Trailer
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Street Fighter Alpha is an animated film aimed less at admirers of the comic strip from which it derives than aficionados of the arcade computer game which is the best known embodiment of the material; as such, the narrative line is mostly an excuse for balletic fights in which eyes glare and sides of buildings fall off. Ryu is a brilliant young fighter worried that his technique may yet corrupt him into monstrousness; the boy Shun appears, claiming to be his brother and already well on the way to corruption by the technique known as the Dark Hadou. When Shun is kidnapped by an evil scientist, Ryu goes after him in spite of the possible cost to his own moral status; his friend Ken and Interpol agent Chen go along to help him, and if necessary to kill him to prevent his corruption. This is largely by-the-numbers martial arts anime, but at times exciting or beautiful for all of that; devotees of the game will love it.

On the DVD: The DVD is generously stacked with English and Japanese soundtracks and English subtitles. There are interviews with the artists, creators and voice actors, a making-of documentary and various trailers and previews. --Roz Kaveney

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The other reviews all seem a little harsh to me. First of all, it was always billed as a prequel to Street Fighter 2, and second of all, it was never going to be as good. Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li are the main characters, as always, with Akuma and Sakura playing secondary characters. The story does seem a little out of place, but there still is more story than Street Fighter 2 (which, good as it was, was little more than a series of fights). I thought that the "Ryu has a long lost brother" soryline wasn't quite what Street Fighter should be about and it didn't really sit well with me. I also didn't really like the character of Shun, but he did serve to forward Ryu's story concerning the dark hadou, so it can be forgiven. Other characters from the alpha series do appear, including Birdie, Adon, Rolento, Sodom, Guy, Dan and welcome returns from Zangief, Dhalsim and (surprisingly) Vega. No one should've expected to see Guile, Blanka and co. from the beginning. Watch out for a cameo from the Pocket Fighter versions of Chun-Li and Ibuki (a Street Fighter III character) as well. The animation is good, and the fights all look incredible. Particulalry good is the scene between Ryu and Akuma followed by a Ryu vs Ken battle. Overall, Street Fighter Alpha is a good film, and I look forward to the day that they make an anime film based on Street Fighter 3. Fans of the games will enjoy this, and so should fans of the Street Fighter 2 animated film, as long as they don't exoect it to be in any way similar or quite as good.

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