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Supersize Stitches: More Than 30 XXL Designs for Sensationally Speedy Results

Jacqui Pearce

This title helps to discover the wonderful world of supersize cross stitch with these stunning XXL projects from top designer Jacqui Pearce. Love cross stitch but lack patience? Or are you a beginner who wants fast and fabulous contemporary designs to stitch? Do you have a larger-than-life love of colourful, hip stitching?

Then this is the book for you. Featuring modern twists on traditional themes, you'll find graphic designs and colourful symbols, quirky retro objects, and pretty motifs that can be completed in a blink. There's favourites like cushions and pictures, as well as Christmas designs, gifts and accessories, plus expert advice on getting started. Jacqui Pearce has created a stunning collection of 30 quick-to-complete designs that vary from large projects for the home like cushions, to little gifts such as glasses cases or mobile covers. "Supersize Stitches" is ideal for those in a hurry for a result, as well as beginners.

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