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Uusi ja muoveissa - muovi tosin hieman rikkoontunut takaa.

"It's the eve of his first day as the new kid in class at the big city school, when Yamato finds himself smitten with the local rising star of track and field. Any doubts he'll ever catch another glimpse of such beauty are promptly squashed when she shows up at his aunt's boarding and bathhouse... As are his hopes of impressing the driven hottie! Two people could not be more different! And as Suzuka remains completely uninspired by Yamato's cheerfully irresponsible nature, things progress from bad to worse with record-breaking speed. Throw in the antics of a handful of high school stereotypes, and the kid's completely out of his league! Love may not be a spectator sport, but Yamato's sitting things out on the sideline."

-Sick Day
-Field Day
-Eye of the Storm

English / Japanese languages, English subtitles.

-Aoba High School Year Book
-Textless Songs

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