The American Poop Movie  -  DVD

Life after college is crap. Russ was on cloud nine, living up senior year at college and enjoying his dream of having his own television show when it happened: GRADUATION! Broke, and suddenly with no job or plan, Russ finds himself living back home in his small town with his degenerate friends. The only solace Russ discovers is in chasing after Tara, his old high school crush. Russ, with no help from his friends, struggles to find his place in life. Russ is forced to make a decision, take a chance at a new life by leaving town, or to accept becoming a townie like so many of his friends.


Joe Kingsley

Kirsten Babich
Danielle Bolduc
Danielle Bolduc
Jonathan Cahill
James Hawkes
Chuck Kaiton
Ross Kidder
Joe Kingsley
Amelia Morck
Greg Petralis


89 min

Suomi, Ruotsi, Tanska, Norja



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