Welcome to Laval, Quebec, home to the toughest team in the Semi-Pro Hockey League, The Laval Chiefs. This is the true story of five players, brawling their way through one crazy season, trying to make it to the professional league any way they can. Go behind the scenes into the arenas old storage space, converted into a makeshift dormitory, known as The Rats Nest where the players live rent-free. Anything can happen in The House of Pain, the Chiefs 50-year-old arena - ten fights in a single period, a bench clearing brawl in the warm-up or players hiking through the stands to slug it out with the fans. The Chiefs depicts the real lives of these semi-pro athletes and their families, showing the battles fought on the ice and the battles within themselves.

Technical Details:

* Region: ALL (R0) / NTSC

* Fullscreen 4:3

* English: Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0

* Subtitles: -

* 90 min

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