The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus

Wordworth Reference 1999,  pehmeäkantinen, englanninkielinen, 288 sivua.

Who was Nostradamus, and what faith should we place in his predictions? This book gives objective answers. It reveals that Michel de Nostredame, a 16th-century French doctor, was more Renaissance man than arcane magician - and that his prognostications can be compellingly astute. In this edition all of the cryptic short verses of Nostradamus's Centuries appear in the original French, with new translations. Uncanny prophecies such as those of the French Revolution and the rise of Hitler are examined in detail. Here too are interpretations of the many verses believed to augur future events.Editor Ned Halley works in fields of journalism as diverse as medicine, wine and business. He takes a Plain English approach to 'a subject far too often wreathed in language that seems calculated to obscure, rather than to demonstrate, the truth'.


Kirjan kunto on hyvä / melko hyvä. Kannessa pintarepeämä ja pientä kulumaa kulmissa. Muuten siisti.

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