The Dreaming was a monthly comic series that ran for 60 issues (June 1996 to May 2001). It is set in the same dimension of the DC universe as The Sandman and the stories occurred primarily within Dream's realm, The Dreaming, concentrating on characters who had played minor roles in The Sandman, including The Corinthian,Matthew the raven, Cain and AbelLucien the dream librarian, the faerie NualaEve, and Mervyn Pumpkinhead(janitor of The Dreaming). It also introduced a number of new characters, most notably Echo and a new (white) dream raven, Tethys. There were brief (but often important) appearances by The Endless during the series, including cameos by Dream (both Morpheus and Daniel), DeathDestiny, and Desire.

The series was initially conceived as an anthology series edited by Vertigo editor Alisa Kwitney,[2] and as such it was written, drawn and inked by a variety of artists. The covers were all painted by former Sandman cover-artistDave McKean, and Sandman's writer Neil Gaiman acted as creative consultant on the series - having a notional right of refusal on scripts and plotlines (which he never exercised) and suggesting developments or characters for exploration.[2]

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