• Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Viking; First US Edition edition (3 Nov. 1988)
  • Language: English
  • With humor and feeling Sheed examines Kennedy's unique brand of diplomacy abroad, discusses his relationship with his family, and thoughtfully considers the achievements and the disappointments of Kennedy's presidency. Many of the 100 photographs Lowe has collected here have never been published before.

This photography & textual book was published 25 years after the assassination of President Kennedy & 20 years after the assassination of Sen. Bobby Kennedy. It is an attempt to explain the Kennedy "mystique" to a generation which was born & grew up without the firsthand experience of how much happiness, hopefulness, & idealism filled the Kennedy years. This book is intended to be a vibrant reminder of what the Kennedy experience actually felt like & what became of its legacy.
Lowe was known as having been JFK's favorite personal photographer. His photos have always expressed an intimacy with his subjects. He had been photographing JFK since 1958. 

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