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Pehmeäkantinen, kontaktimuovitettu
231 pages

The Primal Order
by Peter Adkison
Wizard of the Coast #0001 (1992)
ISBN 1-880992-00-0

Look no further

The Primal Order, also known as TPO, gives detailed, intuitive guidelines explaining aspects of godhood never before covered in the gaming industry. You will find out how deities gain power, why they need worshipers and temples, why they provide their priests with spells, and much more. TPO also offers detailed guidelines for the creation of artifacts, suggesting strategies for their design and use. Whether you need additional material to help develop priests, temples, and religions, or you would like your characters to interact with divine beings and perhaps become deities themselves someday, you will enjoy the new level of play The Primal Order system allows.

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