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Remastered deluxe edition.

Let It Be is the third studio album by American rock band The Replacements, released on October 2, 1984 by Twin/Tone Records. It is a post-punk album with coming-of-age themes. The band had grown tired of playing loud and fast exclusively by the time of their 1983 album Hootenanny and decided to write songs that were, according to vocalist Paul Westerberg, "a little more sincere."

Let It Be was well received by music critics and later ranked among the greatest albums of the 1980s by AllMusic and Rolling Stone magazine. Now considered a classic, Let It Be is frequently included on professional lists of the all-time best rock albums, being ranked number 241 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. The album was remastered and reissued in 2008, with six additional tracks.

1."I Will Dare"  Paul Westerberg3:18

2."Favorite Thing"  Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, Bob Stinson, Chris Mars2:19

3."We're Comin' Out"  Westerberg, Stinson, Stinson, Mars2:21

4."Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out"  Westerberg, Stinson, Stinson, Mars1:53

5."Androgynous"  Westerberg3:11

6."Black Diamond"  Paul Stanley2:40

7."Unsatisfied"  Westerberg4:01

8."Seen Your Video"  Westerberg3:08

9."Gary's Got a Boner"  Westerberg, Stinson, Stinson, Mars2:28

10."Sixteen Blue"  Westerberg4:24

11."Answering Machine"  Westerberg3:40

Total length:


Deluxe edition bonus tracks

12."20th Century Boy" (originally performed by T. Rex; from "I Will Dare", 1984)Marc Bolan3:56

13."Perfectly Lethal"  Westerberg3:30

14."Temptation Eyes" (originally performed by The Grass Roots)Harvey Price, Dan Walsh2:30

15."Answering Machine" (demo)Westerberg2:43

16."Heartbeat – It's a Lovebeat" (originally performed by The DeFranco Family)Michael Kennedy, William Hudspeth2:55

17."Sixteen Blue" (alternate vocal)Westerberg5:08

Total length: 54:13

The Replacements

Additional musicians

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