The Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian No. 8 October 1975


New York: Marvel Comics, 1975,  76 s. kansineen,  mustavalkokuv., 28 cm, niittinidos


Table of Contents

The Forever Phial  5  In the southern reaches of Brythunia, the wizard called Ranephi has held sway for long, untold years. But now comes Conan the Barbarian - and the hour of reckoning is at hand. One of the Cimmerian's earliest adventures, chronicles by Roy Thomas and Tim Conrad.

The Elder Gods  16  In the Days before the rise of Mitra, there was Isthar - goddess of heaven and hell. Feature by R. L. Yaple.

The Death-Song of Conan the Cimmerian  22   Conan's life - and the death - as vividly portrayed by the poetry of Lin Carter and the art of Jess Jodloman. 

Sorcerer's Summit  34   Not every would-be hero of yore can be a Conan - nor is every woman a Red Sonja!  You'll savor this offbeat S&S saga by Bruce Jones.

The Rise of the Hyborians  44   After the sinking of Atlantis, a new race ruled supreme! Roy Thomas and Walt Simonson continue their illustrated adaption of Robert E. Howard's immortal essay, “The Hyborian Age.”  

Corsairs Against Stygia  51   To raegain the lost throne of Aquilonia, Conan journeys to the Shadow-haunted south - to a land from which he may never return! Our on-going adaption of REH's novel Conan the Conqueror, executed by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.

Swords and Scrolls  72 Peans and poison pens! Our legend-laden letters page.


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