Booth-Clibborn Editions 1998 Nidottu

From a London- and Paris-based team of sneaker enthusiasts, who are graphic designers and moving image makers in their spare time, comes this tribute to the shoe that has become a global obsession. With contributions from athletes, teen idols, moguls, and sneaker designers and enthusiasts worldwide, it offers a freeze-frame of this social phenomenon, including serious consideration of issues such as criminality, counterfeiting, exploitation, value for money and fashion. In the process of contacting all known sneaker freaks, the authors went surfing the Net - only to discover a parallel between the Internet and sneakers in terms of global communication, technology and obsessive behaviour. The result is a book structured as an Internet sight, with nodes, networks and key words for the reader to browse through a global conversation.

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Kirjan koko:  20x30cm  

240 sivua

Hakusanoja: Lenkkarit lenkkitossut tennarit kirja

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