The The CD Hanky Panky (1994), hyväkuntoinen. Katso kuvaustani.

1 Honky Tonkin (3:36)
2 Six More Miles (0:57)
3 My Heart Would Know (3:32)
4 If Youll Be A Baby To Me (0:59)
5 Im A Long Gone Daddy (4:41)
6 Weary Blues From Waitin (2:47)
7 I Saw The Light (2:38)
8 Your Cheatin Heart (3:43)
9 I Cant Get You Off Of My Mind (2:58)
10 Theres A Tear In My Beer (3:22)
11 I Cant Escape From You (4:16)

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The The is an English musical and multimedia group that has been active in various forms since 1979, with singer/songwriter/frontman Matt Johnson being the only constant band member.
Although releases are fairly few, The The have sold several million albums internationally and achieved critical acclaim.
Early years (1977–1981)
In November 1977, Matt Johnson placed an advertisement in the NME 1977, asking for "Bass/lead guitarist into Velvets/Syd Barrett". Johnson later placed a second advertisement in the NME, stating his new influences as "The Residents/Throbbing Gristle".
Finally, The The made their debut as a trio at Londons Africa Centre on 11 May 1979,[1] third on the bill to Scritti Politti and PragVEC, using backing tape tracks for the drums and bass. The band at this point consisted of Johnson on vocal and guitar, Keith Laws on synths/tapes, and guitarist/violinist Peter Fenton-Jones (who would quickly drop out).
In 1978 Johnson had recorded a demo solo album (See Without Being Seen) which he continued to sell at various underground gigs on cassettes. In 1979, working with Colin Lloyd-Tucker (a friend from De Wolfe Music the Soho music publisher/recording studio they were both employed by) Johnson recorded his first album proper, Spirits which featured the track "What Stanley Saw", later licensed to Cherry Red Records for their Perspectives & Distortion compilation album to appear alongside artists such as Virgin Prunes, Lemon Kittens, Thomas Leer, Kevin Coyne and Mark Perry. To date this is the only song from Spirits to have been commercially released. As The The was now getting underway, Johnson was simultaneously working with experimental synth-pop combo The Gadgets.
Peter Ashworth, now a successful photographer but then known as Triash, became The Thes drummer in 1980, and Tom Johnston (also managing The The at this point and later to become a successful cartoonist for the Evening Standard, Daily Mirror and The Sun newspapers) was added on bass. Although both were credited with appearing on The Thes debut single ("Controversial Subject"/"Black and White") on 4AD Records neither actually played on the recordings, which were produced by Wire members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis. All instruments were in fact played by Johnson and Laws. Johnston and Ashworth soon dropped out of The The and to return to their respective day jobs.
As a duo (Johnson and Laws), The The began playing shows with some of that eras most influential groups: Wire, Cabaret Voltaire, DAF, This Heat, The Birthday Party and Scritti Politti.
In 1981 Johnson was signed up by Ivo Watts-Russell for 4AD Records to record a solo album Burning Blue Soul. Although all of the instruments and vocals were performed by Johnson, the album featured various producers including Wires Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis, Ivo and Johnson himself. Years later, due to a request from Johnson it would be re-issued and credited to The The.
In September 1981, the duo (Johnson and Laws) inked a deal with Some Bizzare Records, and released the 7" single "Cold Spell Ahead". Shortly thereafter, Laws left to pursue his studies and the only remaining member of The The was Johnson.
Later in 1981, Colin Lloyd-Tucker and Simon Fisher-Turner would team up with Johnson for a series of stripped down The The acoustic concerts in London.
The Matt Johnson years (1982–1987)
The Thes next single was a variation on "Cold Spell Ahead", an early version of "Uncertain Smile". Produced in New York by Mike Thorne; it reached #68 UK. This version is very different from the perhaps now more-familiar album version, and features sax and flute by session player Crispin Cioe rather than (as on the album version) the piano of Squeezes Jools Holland. Former member Laws appeared on "Hot Ice", a b-side track of the 12".
In 1982, the intended debut album by The The (The Pornography of Despair) was recorded, but was never officially released.[2] Johnson apparently ran off some cassette copies for friends, and several tracks have subsequently been re-recorded or issued as B-sides, but the album remains unmixed and unissued.
Instead, in 1983 The The released their official album debut, the synth-noir classic Soul Mining. It featured the minor UK #71 hit "This Is the Day", as well as a new recording of "Uncertain Smile". Produced by Matt Johnson and Paul Hardiman it featured guest appearances from Orange Juices drummer Zeke Manyika, Jools Holland, Thomas Leer and J. G. Thirlwell (aka Foetus).
During The Thes more prolific period of releases, from Soul Mining (1983) to Dusk (1992), most artwork used on the albums and single releases was produced by Matt Johnsons brother Andrew Johnson, using the pseudonym Andy Dog. The artwork has a distinctive style, and sometimes courted controversy, most notably the initial release of the 1986 single "Infected" which featured a masturbating devil and was withdrawn from sale and re-issued with an edited version of the same drawing.
For the 1986 album Infected, The The still only consisted of Johnson, but augmented by session musicians and featuring friends such as drummer/singer Zeke Manyika and Rip Rig & Panic singer Neneh Cherry. This album spawned four charting singles in the UK, notably "Heartland" (better known by its famous chorus "This is the 51st State of the USA") and made the UK Top 30. It was also unusual for having a full length accompanying film. Costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, Infected: The Movie was shot on locations in Bolivia, Peru and New York. Different songs were directed by different directors, mainly Tim Pope and Peter Sleazy Christopherson (of Throbbing Gristle). Throughout 1986-1987 Johnson toured the world extensively with Infected: The Movie, showing the film in cinemas in place of performing live concerts. The film was also shown twice in its entirety on Channel 4 in the UK and on MTVs 120 Minutes in the USA.
In 1987 Johnson also took some tentative steps back into live performance. Whilst promoting Infected: The Movie in Australia he had a chance encounter with Billy Bragg who persuaded him to return to Britain and support Red Wedge, a coalition of like-minded musicians supporting the British Labour Party in its election campaign. Johnson agreed and enrolled long time friend and collaborator Zeke Manyika to join him in performing shows in London featuring stripped down versions of political The The songs such as "Heartland". This experience convinced Johnson to put a band together once again.
Return to a full-fledged band (1988–2002)
By 1988, The The was an actual band again, Johnson having recruited ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, ex-Julian Cope bassist James Eller and ex-ABC drummer David Palmer as full fledged members. This line-up, plus guest singer Sinéad OConnor, recorded the album Mind Bomb, which debuted at No. 4 in the UK album charts and featured the bands highest charting single to that time, "The Beat(en) Generation", which peaked at #18 UK. The first single from Mind Bomb was actually scheduled to be "Armageddon Days (are here again)" but with its chorus of "Islam is rising, the Christians mobilising" and sensitivities over the Salman Rushdie affair that had recently erupted, this song was deemed unsuitable for release by Epic/CBS.
Adding keyboardist D.C. Collard to the official line-up in 1989, the band embarked on a lengthy world tour in 1989–90, The The Versus The World. The live film of the same name, directed by Tim Pope, was filmed during the three nights The The performed at Londons Royal Albert Hall at the end of the tour.
In 1990 the studio EP Shades of Blue was released. This included cover versions of Fred Neils "Dolphins" and Duke Ellingtons "Solitude" as well as a new original song "Jealous of Youth" and a live version of "Another Boy Drowning" from Burning Blue Soul. This and a later EP of remixes, 1993s Dis-infected, were compiled into a 1994 full-length album for the North American market called Solitude.
In 1993, the five-piece line-up issued the album Dusk, which debuted at No. 2 in the UK album charts and spun off three top forty singles in the UK, led by "Dogs of Lust". Another world tour followed, the Lonely Planet tour, at which point the bands line-up was reshuffled; Marr and Eller left, and were replaced by Atlanta based guitarist Keith Joyner and New York bassist Jared Nickerson, respectively. Also added was Boston harmonica player Jim Fitting, who auditioned in New York in early 1993. The version of their hit "This Is The Day" featuring Jim Fitting was often dubbed "That Was The Day". Palmer bowed out partway through the tour and was replaced by ex Stabbing Westward drummer Andy Kubiszewski.
Another full length film, directed by long time collaborator Tim Pope, was made for this album. From Dusk Til Dawn was shot in New Orleans and New York and along with Matt Johnson and Johnny Marr also featured various characters from the New York underground scene such as sexologist Annie Sprinkle, writer and raconteur Quentin Crisp, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, and porn star Rick Savage amongst many other carnival characters.
Now permanently relocated to New York, The Thes next project was 1995s Hanky Panky, an album that consisted entirely of Hank Williams cover tunes. Hanky Panky was recorded by a new group consisting of Johnson, Collard, Fitting, guitarist Eric Schermerhorn, bass guitarist Gail Ann Dorsey (billed as "Hollywood" Dorsey), and drummer the "Reverend" Brian MacLeod. Their cover version of "I Saw The Light" hit #31 UK.
In 1997 an experimental album called Gun Sluts was apparently recorded but left unreleased by the band after it was rejected for being too uncommercial by their label. The The severed their 18 year relationship with Sony and moved to Interscope, on Trent Reznors Nothing Records imprint.
In 2000, The The, now consisting of Johnson, Schermerhorn, Nashville bassist Spencer Campbell and drummer Earl Harvin, released NakedSelf and embarked on yet another lengthy world tour, the Naked Tour, this one lasting 14 months. NakedSelf remains The Thes final new studio album to date.
This same line-up also recorded two new tracks, "Deep Down Truth", featuring Angela McCluskey on vocals and "Pillar Box Red". Both songs were produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley for the 2002 compilation album 45 RPM: The Singles of The The
In June 2002, The The made a single live appearance at the Meltdown Festival at Londons Royal Festival Hall as guests of David Bowie. At this point, the band consisted solely of Johnson and longtime friend and collaborator J. G. Thirlwell aka Foetus on tapes and loops, and young film director Benn Northover on film and video.
This is the last live performance by The The to date; Johnson has stated on the official The The website in the FAQ section that "There are no plans for one-off shows or tours in the near future but there will undoubtedly be another The The tour at some point."
Recent activities (2003 – present)
Since 2003 The The have concentrated primarily on soundtrack work, scoring numerous aries, films and video installations.
For Swedish filmmaker Johanna St Michaels this includes Best Wishes Bernhard (prize winning film of Dokumentär Films Premien Nordic Panorama 2003), Snapshots From Reality (Nominated for Best International Short at ICA Birdseye View Film festival London 2007) The Track, Going Live and The Island Amid the Worlds.
For English director Nichola Bruce it includes the ary The Dramatic Art of Steven Berkhoff and a new ary feature film about the Apollo moon landings, Moonbug (http://nicholabruce.com/moonbug.html), which is still in production.
In May 2007, The The also released a new download-only single on their website. Entitled "Mrs. Mac", an autobiographical song about Johnsons first day at school as a child in Stratford, East London. All instruments and vocals on the track were performed by Johnson.
A press release was issued along with this track, announcing a forthcoming The The album called The End of the Day with various songs from The Thes catalogue being performed by some of Johnsons favourite artists including Elysian Fields, J.G. Thirlwell, Thomas Leer, Elbow, Rob Ellis, Thomas Feiner, John Parish, Anna Domino, Angela McCluskey, Ergo Phizmiz among others. To date, the album remains unreleased, although a preview can be heard on the Jukebox at the bands official site.
In June 2009 it was announced that The The had created an original soundtrack to the Gerard Johnson debut feature film Tony. The official The The website describes the film as "a dark character study that exposes the sinister secrets of a lonely London life." The film was released in February 2010 to critical acclaim and the soundtrack is to be released on The Thes Cineola label in late March 2010 as Volume 1 of several upcoming soundtrack and instrumental albums.
A new generation has recently been exposed to The Thes music on American television as "This Is The Day" has been extensively used in high profile advertising campaigns for Levis Dockers and M&Ms.
The The also launched Radio Cineola in January 2010, a monthly broadcast on their website featuring previews of upcoming releases, works in progress, chats with collaborators and from the vault, previously unheard material. The shows are presented by Matt Johnson.
During this period Johnsons political activity seems to have been limited to conservation issues in his native East London. He was a founder member of the Save Shoreditch committee and directed and narrated a short film for its cause. Along with fellow artists such as Brad Lochore, Tracey Emin and Lucinda Rogers he has been fighting the eastwards expansion of the City of London and the probable demolition of a much loved East London neighbourhood.

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