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Englanninkielinen trivia peli.
For 2 or more players, teen-aged or adult.

The Worst-Case Scenario - Survival Game
University Games 2002

Do you know how to escape from the trunk of a car? How to survive a shark attack? How to evade a forest fire? How to jump from a bridge? The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game challenges players to use their survival instincts and skills to outlast their opponents. Each question has three possible answers: if you get it right you move ahead, if you get it wrong your opponent moves ahead, leaving you to face the peril at hand. The situations presented range from the hair-raising (how to cross a piranha-infested river) to the humorous (how to scratch an itch in a cast), providing fun on many levels == and you’ll learn a lot of interesting information along the way. Great preparation for the great outdoors -- or a great party.

Game board,
4 playing pieces
300 Worst-Case Scenario cards
1 die.

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