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This CD Epitomizes Why I Like the Blues
These guys epitomize everything I like about the blues. It's a very stripped down band, just a drummer and two guitarists, no bass. Hound Dog had a dirt cheap guitar and a Sears amplifier. Most of the songs are very simple rhythms. This is not art rock.

And they played primarily just for the love of the music. For most of their careers they had day jobs. They played in local clubs in the evenings. They very seldom rehearsed if at all. They just liked playing blues.

This CD is a live recording. The band didn't know at the time that their performance was being recorded for an album. This was just a selection of songs from a typical performance. As you listen to this, imagine the smell of cigarrette smoke, and imagine being surrounded by a couple dozen smiling, laughing, joking and jiving people.

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