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Tirol Aluminum Auto Non Slip Brake Pedal Accelerator Pedal Foot Rest Pedal Car Pedal Manual 3PCS /Set


This car pedal is made of top quality Aluminum Alloy and environmental rubber, which is durable and non-slip. It will strengthen the foot pedal friction and reduce the slip effectively. Come and have a try.
Made from high quality aluminum alloy and rubber, durable and practical.
Fine workmanship and non-slip design.
Easy installation and applicable for most models.

Note: Please check your pedal size before your buying.

Item Type: Replacement Parts
Item Name: Car Foot Pedals
Material: Aluminum Alloy and Rubber
Size: 2 PCS: 7.3 * 8.1 * 0.5cm / 2.9 * 3.2 * 0.2in
      1 PC: 5 * 11 * 0.5cm / 2.0 * 4.3 * 0.2in
Pedal Weight(3 pcs): 220g / 7.8oz
Package Weight: 285g / 10.1oz

Before Installation: Park the car safely; takes the key out of the ignition; apply parking brake.
After Installation: Check the pedals’ mechanism periodically to insure that the pedal is secure and  fits properly.

For Bracket installation:
1. Use the L shape brackets.
2. Attach the L shape brackets onto the aluminum pedal. (Fig. A1)
3. Align the aluminum pedal onto the top of the original pedal , rotate the L brackets so they grab onto the backside of the original pedal , and then firmly tighten the screws / nuts .(Fig. A2)

For Permanent installation:
1. Drill bit required (1/8” bit).(Drill bit not included)
2. Pry off the rubber cover from the top of the original pedal ,(Fig.B1)
3. Align the aluminum pedal onto the top of the original pedal , drill a 1/8” hole for each mounting hole as needed to secure the pedal , and then firmly tighten the screws / nuts.(Fig.B2)

Warning: Do not operate vehicle barefoot or with slippers.  Pedals have sharp edges that could cause foot injury.

Package List:
1 * Brake  Pedal 
1 * Accelerator Pedal
1 * Foot Rest Pedal
1 * Bag of  Bolts and Nuts


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