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R0, Hong Kong
Julkaisija: Universe
Dolby digital 5.1
Laajakuva (1.85:1)
Englanninkielinen tekstitys

Six twentysomethings from their own worlds converge at a bargain apartment affordable by one but perfect for six. With a goal to reach, a deal they make, and a year to complete, they "fulfill" them with indulging pleasures and, endless games of truth or dare, and madness nourishing the 6th Floor Rear Flat. Sweet Dreams die well when the 12-month lease ends comes an unwelcome reminder, the lost souls wake with frightening awareness to the touchling once they think never impossible. Between being responsible and getting away, is youth still a mighty weapon for failures?

O: Chun-Chun Wong

PO: Kar Yan Lam, Candy Lo, Roy Chow, Lawrence Chou, Patrick Tang, William So Wing Hong, Teresa Carpio, Koon-Lan Law, Angela Au

Hong Kong, 2003, komedia

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