Minerva 1996 pokkari - Edellisen päivän saari englanniksi käännettynä

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This is the story of a 17th century Italian nobleman who is the only survivor of a shipwreck during a fierce storm. He finds himself washed up on an abandoned ship in a harbour through which, he convinces himself, runs the International Date Line.

Although he can see land, his inability to swim leaves him marooned and he begins to reminisce about his life and his love. He becomes obsessed about his allegedly evil twin brother, who is split from his own persona through a process reminiscent of the doppelganger effect, and thus accusing him of all the bad things that happened in his life. The brother takes blame mainly for his bad choices and is present to sweeten the disappointments of life.

Through this reminiscence he becomes convinced that all his troubles will end, if only he can reach the land. The story is told from the point of view of a modern editor who has sorted through the mans papers. Exactly how the papers were preserved and eventually handed down to the editor remains a point of conjecture.
This work contains references to Ecos previous novels. In one example, there is a mention of a crucial plot point from Ecos first novel The Name of the Rose.

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