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Under the Rose

White Wolf, 2010, 32 sivua, pehmeäkantinen. Uudenveroisessa kunnossa.

The Realm Civil War is at an end, and the Scarlet Empress is returned to her throne at last. Though many contend this is a good thing, the thousands of civilians she obliterated at Thorns with the Realm Defense Grid and the Anathema she now harries throughout Creation would beg to differ. Lead a small team of Exalts to disable the Sword of Creation, and in the process, rescue the last hope for a Realm free of Yozi influence, the famed Roseblack.

An adventure set during the events of the Return of the Scarlet Empress, Under the Rose includes the following:
* Ready-to-play higher experience stats for the signature Solar circle of Dace, Panther, Arianna, Harmonius Jade and Swan.
* A breakdown of the interior of the ancient Sword of Creation, the most powerful manse and artifact ever forged.
* Two new series of automaton protector and a myriad of fiendish traps with which to challenge even experienced Exalts.

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