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Varuhuset - Kausi 1 (3-disc) DVD Osat 1-12
EI SUOMI TEKSTITYSTÄ,Teksititys ruotsiksi

TV-sarja ohjaus Mikael Ekman, Karin Falck ja Pierre Fränckel pääosissa Görel Crona ja Christina Schollin.

Kunto:Hyvä,levyt hyvässä kunnossa,kotelot ja pahvikotelo hyvässä kunnossa

ÖHMAN EMPORIUM has since been ruled by the family Ohman. Yet the family owns the largest equity stake, but it has been many other owners. The Board of Öhman is old family friends - bankers, financiers and some older lawyers. When Gustav Öhman decides to leave the presidency as he leaves a company with problems.

The store has an old loyal customer base, but not attract some younger customers. But despite Öhman go bad, so is the company unattractive to buyers. A power struggle begins, where tradition and ancestry are receiving renewal and spirit. A fight that involves everyone who works in the department store, Margaret (Purchasing and Gustaf's daughter), sales director Karin Forss, Edith who work in the fish counter, her husband, Bengt, who takes care of the warehouse, meat champion Rickard, head of security Lennart, Bodil responsible for womenswear, specialized President Conny and many more.

The first season of the department store was sent in 1987 and became a fantastic success. STORE has been called Sweden's first soap opera, and among the actors were both the biggest stars and at the time, new faces: Lena Endre, Christina Schollin, Bertil Nordstrom, Inga Gill mal.

Department Store Season 1
Text: Swedish
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 (Swedish)
Picture: Fullscreen 1.33:1
Format: DVD Region 2
Origin: Sweden
Running time: 530 min
Year: 1987
Distributor: Nordisk Film

Lena Endre
Görel Crona
Christina Schollin
Ann Petrén
Carl Billquist
Christian Berling
Ewa Carlsson
Fillies Lyckow
Henry Bronett
John Hedenberg
Katja Blomquist
Leif Ahrle
Leif Liljeroth
Lennart R. Svensson
Li Brådhe
Nina gunk
Per Holmberg
Sharon Dyall
Willie Andréason

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