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Captain Power and The Soldiers of Fortune - Dread's Revenge Video Tim Duncan

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future is a 1987–88 Canadian-American science fiction/action television series, merging live action with animation based on computer-generated images, that ran for 22 episodes in Canadian and American syndication. A toy line was also produced by Mattel, and during each episode there was a segment that included visual and audio material which interacted with the toys.[1][2][3] A production of Landmark Entertainment GroupCaptain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was created by Gary Goddard and Anthony "Tony" Christopher (neither of whom actually wrote any of the stories) and developed by Marc Scott Zicree, with J. Michael Straczynski becoming de facto head writer. Plans to bring the series back, set 28 years after the first series, were announced in July 2016. Goddard Film Group, headed by one of the original series co-creators, Gary Goddard, is one of the development team of the new series.[4]


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