Englanninkielinen pokkari. Avon Books 1995. Ostettu käytettynä joten hieman kulumisen merkkejä.

Devon Blake's quick wits and good luck helped her survive on the streets of Liverpool.  But in America, she finds herself in serious trouble.  Accused of spying for the South, she seems destined for the gallows unless she can escape handsome, dynamic Captain Cole McRae, who is given the onerous duty of escorting her to prison.  Treachery destroyed Cole's ship and most of his crew.  Now he's determined to see that the beautiful, dark-haired spitfire responsible hangs for her heinous crime.  Devon's wild attempts at escape only fire his fury. But Cole and Devon's daring race through enemy territory demands a passion stronger than vengeance as captor and captive must work together to survive. 

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2 € Sulkeutuu 9 vrk 4 h 51 min


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