"Där drömmar danas" 1999

Kuvakoko 22x30 cm, kehyksineen 43x53 cm.




Born on the 30th of June, 1966 in Helsinki, Finland. Resident in Mid-Wales, UK, since 2010.


Photography, film, music/sound art, mixed media on paper, collage


1993-94 Portsmouth College of Art and Design, UK (6 week undergraduate exchange program)

1991-94 L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Caen, FRANCE (Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Arts)

1990-91 L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Perpignan, FRANCE (Fine Arts Foundation)

1985-86 'The Country House Course', Mayfield, UK (Diploma – Interior Decoration, Architecture, Antiques and Art History )

1986 Art A-Level, Grade A (University of London School SEB), UK 


1986 History of Art, Grade C (The Associated Examining Board, Mayfield College, Sussex), UK

1987-1999 The University of Helsinki, Faculty of Humanities (FINLAND) - Master’s Degree in Comparative Religion (minors Practical Philosophy, Art History with the languages Chinese, Russian and German). The MA thesis researched the ontological status of creativity within new spiritual movements.


2019: “Six Artists”, BayArt, Cardiff (UK)

2019: Disability Arts Cymru Open, (“On the Edge”), Mostyn, Llandudno (UK)

2019 “The Sea”, Open exhibition, The Gate, Cardiff (UK)

2018: Wrexham Open, Ty Pawb & Undegun, Wrexham (UK)

2018: Disability Arts Cymru Open, (“On the Edge”), Theatre Clwyd, Mold (UK)

2018: Disability Arts Cymru Open, (“On the Edge”), Royal Cambrain Academy, Conwy (UK)

2018: Disability Arts Cymru Open, (“On the Edge”), Cyfartfha Castle, Merthyr Tydfil (UK)

2018 Disability Arts Cymru Open, (“On the Edge”), Celf Y Gwmpas, Llandrindod Wells (UK)

2018 10th Anniversary Exhibition (“The Bright Field”), Mid-Wales Art Centre,  (UK)

2017 MoMa Wales, ("In Our Minds"), Machynlleth (UK) 

2015-18 Disability Arts Cymru Annual Exhibitions; various locations, Wales (UK),

2015 BIG-i International Open ("Resonating Resonance"), (Japan) - honourable mention

2014 MoMa Wales Open Summer Exhibition ("Myself"), Machynlleth (UK)

2014 Open Photography Exhibition, ("Monochrome"), Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth (UK)

2014 Powys Art Month Open, Mid-Wales Art Centre (Maesmawr), UK

2014 SHAPE Pop-up Gallery, Stratford, London (UK)

2014 SHAPE Open tour, Lewisham Arthouse, London (UK)

2014 SHAPE Open tour, LCB Depot, Leicester (UK)

2014 Disability Arts Cymru@30 Open tour, Subterranean Basement Gallery, Newport (UK)

2014 Disability Arts Cymru@30 Open tour, The Beaufort Gallery, Llandrindod Wells (UK)

2014 Disability Arts Cymru 30th Anniversary Open, The Norwegian Church, Cardiff (UK)

2013-2014 SHAPE Open tour, The Chocolate Factory, London (UK)

2013 SHAPE Open ("Disability Reassessed"), The Nunnery, London (UK)

2013 MoMa Wales Open Summer Exhibition ("The Garden"), Machynlleth (UK)

2013 Outside In West, Somerset Museum, Taunton (UK)

2012 Outside In, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester (UK)

2012 MoMa Wales Open Summer Exhibition ("Movement"), Machynlleth (UK)

2012 "Democracy in Action, Wales", The Welsh National Assembly Senate Building, Cardiff (UK)

2011 Powys Arts Engine Open Art Exhibition (Powys Art Month), Radnorshire City Gallery (UK)

2011 MoMa Wales Open Summer Exhibition ("Feeling"), Machynlleth(UK)

2011 The Shrewsbury Photography Month Open, Shrewsbury Coffee House (UK)

2010 “The Art Affair”, Mid-Wales Art Centre, Maesmawr (UK)

2009 “The Visit of the Five”: Hanko City Art Gallery, Hanko (Finland)

2008 “Nudes”, Hanko Library Art Gallery, Hanko (Finland)

2008 “Artists Of Hanko Taking Over The Gallery” - open exhibition, Hanko City Art Gallery (Finland)

2009 “With brushes and ladles – the artists are cooking” - open exhibition; Mini-Lilium Art Gallery, Hanko – incl. a publication of artists' recipes (Finland)

2008 “Primordial Energy”, joint photography exhibition, Hanko Library Art Gallery (Finland)

2007 “My Beloved Hanko” open exhibition, Mini-Lilium Art Gallery, Hanko (Finland)

2006 “By the Seaside – At the Pier – At Sea” - Open Exhibition Mini-Lilium Art Gallery, Hanko (Finland)

2003 “Art 3” - open exhibition, Tammisaari Library Art Gallery (Finland)

2002 The Hanko Art Society at Halmstad City Gallery, guest exhibition, Halmstad (Sweden)

2002 “The Visit of the Five” - open exhibition, The Kässä House Art Centre, Lohja (Finland)

1998 “The Visit of the Five” - open exhibition, Gallery Allina, Riihimäki (Finland)

1998 “The 20th jubilee of The Hanko Art Society”, Gallery Fokus (City Art Gallery), Karjaa (Finland)

1998 “Flora&Fauna”;  The 20th jubilee of The Hanko Art Society, Gallery Kukkatar, Hanko (Finland)

1997 “Erotica I”, Gallery Timppa, Lahti (Finland)

1994 “Group Marginalia”, Hanko City Art Gallery, Hanko (Finland)

1993 The Hanko Art Society at Gallery Fokus, guest exhibition (City Art Gallery), Karjaa (Finland)

1992-2010 The Hanko Art Society annual and summer open exhibitions, Hanko City Art Gallery, Hanko (Finland)


2015 Radnorshire Museum, ("Visible/Invisible"), Llandrindod Wells, UK

2015 Wye Side Art Centre, ("The Wait"), Builth Wells, UK

2013 Art Cafe, Llandrindod Wells (UK), ("Mindful") – charity sales exhibition for Mind

2012 The Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff (UK), ("The Art of Becoming Human") - Self-Curated Retrospective, 10 years of Collages

2011 Open studio & pop up exhibition (Powys Art Month), Llanidloes (UK)

2011 PH Salon & Gallery, Newtown (UK)

2010 Compton’s Yard Art Venue, Llanidloes (UK)

2010 The Academic Bookstore (Stockmann Department Store), ("The Journey Home"), Helsinki (Finland); 

2009 Gallery Zebra Photo Gallery, ("The Petrified Trees"), Karjaa (Finland)

2009 Hanko Library Art Gallery, ("Twists of Fate"), Hanko (Finland)

2009 Billnäs Plant Nursery Café-Gallery, Karjaa (Finland)

2008 Douglas County Law Library, ("20 Visits To Clinton Lake"), joint photography exhibition, Kansas (USA)

2006 Luckan (The Information Centre for Culture in Helsinki), ("No Boundaries") Helsinki (Finland)

2002 Hanko City Art Gallery, ("Catharsis") (Finland)

2000 Gallery Kukkatar, Hanko; ("Living-space")  (Finland)

1999 Gallery Philippa, Helsinki; ("The Play of Opposites") (Finland)

1999 The International Cultural Centre 'Caisa', ("Encounter Engenders Life"), Helsinki (Finland)

1998 Gallery Kukkatar, ("The Tears of Samsara"), Hanko (Finland)

1998 Women's Room Gallery, The Women's Centre, ("Vibrations from Silence"), Helsinki (Finland)

1997 Gallery Karaija, ("When Heaven met Earth"), Inkoo (Finland)

1997 Gallery Kukkatar, Hanko, ("When Heaven met Earth") (Finland)

1997 Gallery Rikhart, ("Eve’s Eye"), Helsinki (Finland)

1994 Hanko City Art Gallery, ("Directions and Choices"), Hanko (Finland) 


2014 sound piece "Creativity Will Set You Free", BBC Radio Wales: Adam Walton Show, (UK)

Has made several appearances on Finland’s national radio and TV.


Included in the second edition (2012) of Lexikon der Fantastischen Kunstler (Dr. Gerhard Habarta)


2011- Disability Arts Cymru, UK
2011- Outside In, Pallant House, UK
2011- Powys Art Forum, UK
2010- Arts Engine, Powys, UK
2010-2012 Produforum, Finland
1995-2010 The Hanko Art Society & National Art Organisations (UKJL, SKJL), Finland


2011 The Pain- and Fatigue Management Clinic, Bronllys (UK)
2010 Stockmann Department Store, 'The Academic Bookstore', Helsinki (Finland)
2009 Photo Gallery Zebra, Karjaa (Finland)
2008 Tammisaari City (Finland)
1998 Hanko City (Finland)
1998 Crisis Centre of Rape Tukinainen (Finland)
1997 Helsinki University; School of Industrial Design (Finland)
1995 Hanko City (Finland)

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