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You've got enough weapons to level a small army and you'll need every last one. That's because in PC action game Will Rock,the mythical armies of Lost Olympus are looking to destroy you. And if you live long enough, you'll face the wrath of Zeus himself. Are you going to cry like a mortal--or send 'em all to Hades in a hand basket? Become Will, a modern-day archaeology student who goes ballistic when his mentor is murdered by a fanatic cult. Possessed by the power of the Titan Prometheus and fuelled by his own mortal thirst for revenge, Will storms the gates of Lost Olympus to avenge the murder and rescue a mortal, Emma--before Zeus marries her and gains ungodly power over the world of Mortals.

Half-man, half-Titan, and armed to the teeth with ingeniously destructive firepower, it's time to frag, inflate, shatter, melt and petrify your way through a fantasy-rich world, obliterating Greek gods and fearsome mythological beasts in a carnage-loaded crusade that won't stop until justice is delivered.

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