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007 – FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, 1981, 2-dvd disc set, 2006, 123 min, suomenkielinen tekstitys

In FOR YOUR EYES ONLY--Roger Moore's fifth appearance as James Bond--the renowned British secret agent must locate a weapons system known as ATAC, which controls Great Britain's submarines, after it is sunk on a ship in the Ionian Sea. While he must contend with a formidable foe in the villain known as Kristatos (Julian Glover), he does have the lovely and talented Melina (Carole Bouquet)--the daughter of a scientist killed by Kristatos--on his side. For fans craving their old favourites, Blofeld, Moneypenny and Q all put in appearances. The stunts come fast and furious, most notably a breathtaking race down a ski slope at the film's opening. Digitally restored.

Why is this the best James Bond film ever?

Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2018

1, Best Bond title track. This Sheen Easton hit from the 80's even beats Paul McCartney's Live and Let Die. Popular, contemporary and original hit that fits the seductive tone of a Bond movie opening sequence.

2. Roger Moore at his peak. Sure, he is starting to show his age a little as Connery did, with noticeably fewer if any shirtless scenes and zero sex scenes, which is quite odd for any Bond film. In fact, he even turns down sex once when a young vixen strips down and tries to seduce him which makes us consider him as more sophisticated than the brutish Bond that Connery played. Moore also does eyebrow expressions masterfully whenever he is threatened or angry, he raises an eyebrow in a distinctly British manner and it is just chilling to watch. No other Bond had this level of eyebrow Charisma.

3. Best chase scene ever. Hands down. Period. Sure, Lazenby did a skiing sequence in Her Majesty's Secret Service, but this ski scene is extraordinary for several reasons. For one, intensity and duration. This is a solid 10 minutes or more of the film and the skiing stunts are absolutely insane. Good old fashioned stunt work trumps special effects as this scene clearly shows. Also, for a chase scene it is unique because it features 3 different types of vehicles, more or less. A car, two motorcycles, and a man on skis. Next the setting is unique because not only does this great chase take place on a ski slope but an Olympic training course which takes us over long jumps and bobsled runs. It holds up well with age and is a breathtaking chase to watch even to this day.

4. This plot actually makes sense. You really have to suspend disbelief to accept that some Bond plots are actually a matter of British national security. Here, there is a clear threat. A decoding device is lost at sea and the English must recover it before the Russians, otherwise all hell would break lose. It is a valid threat and compelling enough to warrant the use of their top agent, 007.

5. Great opening sequence involving a helicopter. There are so few films with helicopter stunts in them. In fact, I can think of hardly any except for this one. Perhaps a helicopter is limited in what it can do stunt-wise or it is just too dangerous. But forget that, this is the crazy 80's and the helicopter scenes are quite exhilarating. Bond gets locked in the back of a helicopter that has no pilot and has to exit the craft and re-enter from the front to regain control. These poor underpaid stuntmen! All the while narrowly missing buildings and bridges and flying inside a warehouse. Good stuff!

The only weak points are the lack of exploitation that we usually see in Bond movies, a very underwhelming villain, and having only one Bond girl in the entire film who somehow manages to keep her clothes on the entire time.


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