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Any vehicle that has its engine should have a good clean filter. The filter's job is to prevent dust and any other particles from getting into the engine. The dirty air filter can have much of detriment in vehicle driving engine.

Clean air for driver and passengers.
Contains soda and carbon to generate fresh breeze air.
Enhanced HVAC performance, recommended replacement every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Manufacturer Part Number: CUK20095
Compatible model and year list:
for Mercedes Benz: AMG GT S (2016), C250 1.8L (2012-2015), C300 (2008-2014), C350 (2008-2015), C63 AMG 6.3L (2008-2015), CLS400 3.0L (2015-2016), CLS550 (2012-2016), CLS63 (2012-2016), E250 2.1L(2014-2016), E350 (2011-2016), E400 (2013-2016), E550 (2012-2016), E63 AMG S (2014-2016), GLK250 (2013-2015), GLK350 (2010-2015), SL400 (2015-2016), SL550 (2013-2016), SL63 AMG (2013-2016), SL65 AMG (2014-2016), SLS AMG (2011-2015)
Cross Reference:
for MERCEDES-BENZ: A2128300018, A2128300118, A2128300218, A2128300318, A2048300018, A2048300518, 2128300318, 2048300518, 2128300218, 2128300018, 2128300118, 2048300018
for MANN & HUMMEL: CUK2551, CUK29005
for FRAM: CF10934
for ATP: RA89
for BALDWIN: 152059
for CHAMP: CAF1866C
for MAHLE: LAK413
for MIGHTY: C45844C
for NAPA GOLD: 9357
for PUROLATOR: C45844, C45844C
for WARNER: WCAF1866
for WIX: 49357
Package size: 29 * 27 * 9cm / 11.4 * 10.6 * 3.5in  
Package weight: 540g / 19oz   

Package List:
1 * Air Filter


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