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After a stunning debut performance, the unique range of team-specific Club Football games became the new force in football gaming. Now some of the best teams in the UK are once again lined up for a new season in the Club Football 2005 range. Coming October for PlayStation 2, Xbox and for the first time, PC, the expanded range is powered by an accelerated game engine and new animation system to deliver faster and more responsive gameplay - with new gameplay mechanics including "Precision Trigger" for precise control on the pitch and "Career Player Focus" modes that can make you the playmaker.

More clubs join the range this year, which will see an individual and official video game for the top UK football teams, including:


  • Manchester United Club Football 2005
  • Arsenal Club Football 2005
  • Liverpool Club Football 2005
  • Newcastle United Club Football 2005
  • Chelsea Club Football 2005
  • Tottenham Hotspur Club Football 2005
  • Rangers Club Football 2005
  • Celtic Club Football 2005
  • Aston Villa Club Football 2005
  • Birmingham City Club Football 2005

With twice the amount of official team content in each game, great skill moves and new game modes including Career, Practice and classic Scenarios, the new Club Football 2005 range will bring players even closer to the heart of the action and the heart of their team.

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