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Test pressing LPs are the very first to come off the stampers and are thus closer to the sound of the master tape.

LPs of this type are not usually offered for sale to consumers but are used by record companies for evaluation purposes. It is only after the test pressings are approved that the actual LPs can be pressed.

Test Pressings are typically packaged in plain white or black jackets with blank record labels. .

As would be expected, quantities are extremely limited and this is one-of-a-kind !!  

Collectors item for real  ...!!  




Band Members and Musicians on:

Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky

  • Alan Parsons - keyboards, fairlight programming
  • David Paton - Bass
  • Stuart Elliot - drums
  • Ian Bairnson - guitars
  • Eric Woolfson - keyboards
  • Mel Collins - Sax


Track Listing 

Side One:

Sirius Instr.

Eye in the sky        

Children of the Moon


Silence and I  

Side Two

You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned


Mammagamma Instr

Step by Step

Old and Wise




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