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This listing is for the Dead Sexy duochrome eyeshadow collection bundle. This bundle includes 4 eyeshadows with beautiful duochrome sheens inspired by stages of decay. Dead never looked so good!

Shadows in this collection include:
Going Cold - light blue-grey with a purple shift
Beyond Expiration - grey-green with a metallic sheen
Gone Off - coppery red with green to gold shift
Thoroughly Spoiled - depending upon lighting, this shade is dark grey to eggplant purple and has a green shift
All of these loose eyeshadows are in full size -- approximately 3/4 tsp in a jar with label art (if applicable). Save 20% by purchasing them together.
Please be aware that color may vary slightly depending on your screen resolution.
All Apocalyptic Beauty products are vegan and cruelty free!

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Facebook: Counter Culture Vaasa
Instagram: C.Counter

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