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The humorous card game Big Badaboom features a lot of explosive action, high player interaction, a non-sequential order of play, some nifty new mechanisms and some proven old ones, numerous chances to stick it to your opponents in nasty ways, and stunning graphics.
The players of Big Badaboom take on the roles of wretched goblins in penal servitude to the cruel High Necromancer. Their task is to sit in an explosive-proof dungeon and through reverse-engineering examine various explosive contraptions manufactured by the necromancer's enemies. But the task to gain hands-on knowledge about what makes the devices go off and what damage they can do is no picnic, and not even a lifetime of resurrections can change that. The goblins want out and the only way to do that is to survive long enough to earn the gold coins needed to bribe their way out of their miserable situation.
To win players need to keep their heads, perfect their timing, make every card count and, above all, make sure not to be the one holding the bomb when it explodes.
Compared to the original game, Big Badaboom has five more bombs, five more mechanisms, and a new category of cards: the resurrection cards. These optional cards add even more slapstick humor to the game. The resurrection cards are placed in a separate pile, and whenever a goblin is caught in an explosion and resurrected, the player draws one card. On it the player will find an annoying, but hilarious, side effect that the goblin has gained for the next round as a result of the explosion. Finally, Big Badaboom comes in a stunning "anarchist bomb"-style case.

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