Billy Childish: Sex Crimes of The Futcher: The Short Life and Strange and Exciting Adventures of William Loveday

  • The Aquarium, paperback edition 2005
  • englanninkielinen pokkari, 343 sivua
  • hyväkuntoinen kirja

"The Short Life and Strange and Exciting Adventures of William Loveday who, not being properly lookt after as a child, was sexually abused by a 46-year old man, and his subsequent war with all education and authority. Also including An account of his sexual deviations and unjust expulsion from art school and his ultimate revenge."

Third in a series of faux autobiographical novels (following My Fault and Notebooks of a Naked Youth) by Billy Childish (Steven John Hamper), the punk/beat poly-aesthete born and still living in Chatham, Kent, England, who has become something of a cult figure for his poems, songs, paintings, and novels. With some artist friends, he is credited with initiating "stuckism", a form of critical rebellion against the current art world; as a musician, he has participated in several groups, including the Pop Rivets (Rivits), The Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Caesars, The Del Monas, Thee Headcoats, and in 2001 he formed The Buff Medways, named after a chicken variety raised in his hometown.

 Friend of squirrels and lover of women who hate him, William Loveday is back and set to wreak his revenge on the liars and hypocrites of art. Equipped with only an exploding lemon and a caustic wit it would seem William's odyssey is doomed from the outset...

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The Troll originates from M-. A cold seaside town where her mother and grandmother live above a Kebab house. I have been there on the train and walk'd on itse fake beach and lookt in thru the plate galss windows at its holliday makers putting food into their mouths, whilst their children push money into the machines in the vast amusement arvades. Later we too ate fish and chips and stepped thru those gary streets.

Rite after eating i have a headache. On the way up the hill to her mothers the Troll keeps on about some God forsaken "Shell Grotto" she wants to take me to see.

"Its beautiful, its all lit up like fairies live in there - in the underground caves." I turned my face away in pain and try to concentrate on the sea gulls screaming at each other...

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