Triple pack of Hope and Crosby's classic 'Road' movies.

'Road to Singapore' (1940) was the first of the 'Road' movies bringing Bob Hope and Bing Crosby together as two wanderers on the road to comic adventures. With the glamorous Dorothy Lamour in tow, the scene is set for gags aplenty as our heroes settle in Singapore.

'Road To Zanzibar' (1941), forced to leave town in a hurry, carnival performers Fearless (Hope), and Chuck (Crosby), arrive in Africa only to be lured into the jungle by scheming Dorothy Lamour. They're soon up to their necks as they become guests of honour of the local cannibals.

 'Road To Morocco' (1942), shipwrecked and rescued by a sultry princess (Lamour), Jeff and Turkey (Hope and Crosby), have to survive sun and sand in this screwball classic. All the ingredients are here, from Crosby's crooning and Lamour's vamping, to Hope's standout one-liners.

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