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This is hot and sweaty music, loud, riffing and proud... Fittingly, and masterfully, the set closes out with two genuine powerhouses - the original 'Don't Tell Me What To Do' and Howlin' Wolf's 'Evil' - that really should both carry a 1971 recording date - *** --Norman Darwen, R2 magazine, Jan/Feb 2016

About the Artist
Unapologetically rooted in the British Blues-Rock boom of the late 60's and early 70's, Blues Karloff explore the outer reaches of the different sounds that shaped this particular musical style. By means of their blistering interpretations of Blues anthems they introduce a distinctive contemporary flavour to the genre. But Blues Karloff not only revisit and remodel tracks by the likes of Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed and Bobby Womack. Various members of the band wrote five original songs out of the thirteen tracks featured on the album sensing the need to carve out their own identity as well as demonstrating their developing skills and tunesmiths.

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