Patterns for Artists and Craftspeople

  • uudenveroinen, lukematon
  • pehmeäkantinen
  • englanninkielinen
  • painettu 1999
  • 92 sivua
  • ISBN 0-486-40268-1

This excellent volume presents a dazzling assortment of copyright-free, full-color allover patterns. Carefully selected for their eye-catching appeal and suitability for practical use, the 361 patterns in this volume offer artists, designers, and craftspeople an extensive and convenient archive of colorful patterns for use in a virtually unlimited number of projects.
Ranging from 15th- through 20th-century sources, the collection encompasses a rich variety of subjects and styles: geometrics, florals and foliates, animal and nature motifs, and other attractive repeat patterns. Ideally suited for reproduction with a color copier, these patterns are also perfect for scanning into a computer, where the images can be reduced or enlarged and altered in color as well.
A splendid resource for use in designing catalogs, book covers and jackets, stationery and greeting cards, packaging, wallpaper, textiles, and many other art and craft projects, this volume will prove invaluable to anyone in need of a quick and easy archive of outstanding designs for permission-free use. - See more at: http://store.doverpublications.com/0486402681.html#sthash.nlaa0EMK.dpuf

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