Gloria Jones - Vixen/Windstorm CD NORTHERN SOUL R&B MARC BOLAN

Track Listing
1. I Ain't Going Nowhere
2. High
3. Tell Me Now
4. Tainted Love
5. Cry Baby
6. Get It On, Pt. 1
7. Go Now
8. Would You Like to Know
9. Get It On, Pt. 2
10. Drive Me Crazy (Disco Lady)
11. Sailors of the Highway
12. Stage Coach
13. Bring on the Love (Why Can't We Be Friends Again)
14. Windstorm
15. If the Roses Don't Come (In Spring This Year)
16. Blue Light Microphone
17. Hooked on You Baby
18. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be with You)
19. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (Don't Say Goodbye)
20. Woman Is a Woman

Gloria Jones - Vixen/Windstorm 2 on 1 CD. Rare, official and original CD release on See For Miles, made in the UK.



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