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Myyn myös erikseen, hinnat levyjen perässä.

Laita kysymyspalstalle viesti, mitkä levyt haluat ostaa, tai

CD-albumit ja CD-sinkut myynnissä. Paljon ysäriä! Postit 1-3 CD:tä 2,5 eurolla. Levyt Kuopiossa.


2 in a Room: Wiggle it 2,5,-

2 unlimited: No limits! 3,5,-

32 Dynamic Disco Hits (2CD, Lipps Inc.:Funky town, KC & the Sunshine Band:That's the way I like it, Chic:Le Freak, EW &F:Boogie wonderland..) 3,-

49'ers: 49'ers (1990, mm. Touch me) 3,-

50 Cent: Get rich or die tryin' 2,5,-

80's Love (4CD, Berlin:Take my breath away, Paul Young, Kool & the Gang: Cherish, Level 42:Lessons in love, Starship, T'pau:China in your hand..) 4,-

666: Who's Afraid Of...? (CD + DVD) 6,-

ABBA:Classic (kokoelma) 3,-

Absolute '98 (2CD, Modern Talking, Massive Attack, Graaf, Dr.Bombay, Garbage, Anouk:Nobody's wife..) 2,5,-

Absolute Hits 2 (Vengaboys, Waldo's People, Darude, Eiffel 65..) 1,5,-

Ace of Base: Da capo 3,5,-

Ace of Base: Flowers 3,-

Ace of Base:Happy nation -U.S. version 3,5,-

A-ha: 25 Ýears - Very Best of (2CD) 4,-

Aikakone:Maa 2,5,-

Aikakone:Pophitit 1995-2003 3,5,-

Aikakone: Tähtikaaren taa 3,-

Aika: Hear me now 2,5,-

Alcazar:Dancefloor deluxe (2CD) 3,-

Alexia:Fan club 3,-

Alexia:The Party 3,-

Alice Deejay:Who needs guitars anyway? 3,-

Alizee: Gourmandises 3,-

Alphaville:Afternoons in Utopia 3,5,-

Alphaville:Prostitute 3,-

Alphaville:Salvation 3,-

Anggun:Anggun (1997) 2,5,-

Ann Bell Fell: We come we go 3,5,-

Ankie Bagger:Where were you last night 3,5,-

Antique:Blue love 3,-

Antique:Die for you 3,-

Apollo 440:Electro glide in blue 3,-

Aqua: Aquarium 3,-

Aqua:Aquarius 3,-

Armand van Helden:New York: A Mix Odyssey 3,-

ATB:Movin' melodies 3,-

ATB:Two worlds (2CD) 4,-

ATC:Planet pop 2,5,-

A-teens:The Abba generation 1,-

Baby D: Deliverance 3,5,-

Bad Boys Blue:Back 3,-

Bad Boys Blue:Totally 4,5,-

Barry Manilow:Greatest Hits -The Platinum Collection 2,5,-

Basic Element: Star tracks 3,5,-

Basshunter: LOL 3,-

B.B.E.: Games 3,-

Bellini:Samba de Janeiro 2,5,-

Benny Benassi Bros.:Pumphonia 3,5,-

Big Star Records -Radio Promotion Sampler vol.03 (18 biisiä, 8 videota: Boozebangers, Starchild, N-Euro..) 2,-

Bingoboys:The Best of 2,5,-

Black Box: Mixed up 3,5,-

Blank & Jones:Nightclubbing (2CD) 3,5,-

Bloodhound Gang: Hooray for boobies 3,-

Bomfunk Mc's:Burnin' sneakers 2,-

Bomfunk Mc's:In stereo 3,-

Britney Spears: ...Baby one more time 2,5,-

Bryan Adams: Best of me (kokoelma, 1999) 3,-

Bryan Adams: So far, so good -The Best of (1993(´) 3,-

Cameo:Word up! 3,-

C-Block: General population 3,5,-

Celine Dion:D'eux 2,5,-

Centory: Alpha centory 3,5,-

Cher:Believe 2,-

Cher:Greatest Hits 1965-1992 2,5,-

Cher:It's a man's world 3,-

Cher:Living proof 2,-

Chess (mm. Murray Head:One night in Bangkok) 3,-

Chicane:Behind the sun 3,-

Chris Norman:Greatest Hits 3,-

Club X-plosion (2CD, Bomfunk Mc's, Caater:Master tune -Extended, Dj Tiesto...) 2,5,-

Coma - The Album 3 (The Shamen, Dr.Baker, Transformer 2, Sound Factory..) 3,-

Cool Dance (2CD, La Cream, Cappella, Sash!, Toy Box, Hit'n'Hide..) 3,-

Cool Dance:Summer Memories (2CD, Scooter, Blumchen, Solid Base, Reset, Drömhus..) 3,-

Coolio:Gangsta's paradise 3,-

Co.Ro:The Album 3,-

Co.Ro:The Album (ei etukansipaperia) 1,-

Cover up the Dance Hits (The Chart Mixers) (Max don't have sex with your ex, Love religion, This time I'm free, Poison...) 2,-

Culture Beat:Serenity 4,-

Culture Club:Greatest Moments (2CD) 3,5,-

Culture Club:Kissing to by clever 2,5,-

Culture Club:The Best of 2,5,-

Cut 'n' Move: Get Serious 3,5,-

Cut'n'Move: Peace, love & harmony 3,5,-

Cut'n'Move: The sound of now 4,-

Cyndi Lauper: Twelve deadly cyns (kokoelma) 3,-

Da Buzz:Da sound 3,-

Dance 2 Dance 2 3,5,-

Dance Collection 3: (Mega,1992. The Shamen,Rob'n'Raz,Dr.Alban,Clubland..) 3,-

Dance Collection 6: (Mega,1993. Cappella, Dance 2 Trance,Culture Beat,Dj Bobo) 3,-

Dance Collection 7: (Mega Records. Maxx, Haddaway,Intermission,Dance Nation, Dream Frequency, Motiv 8..) 3,-

Dance Collection 8: (Mega Rec. Captain Hollywood,Ice Mc,Dance 2 Trance, Dj Bobo, Nina, Ace of Base..) 2,5,-

Dance Deluxe -15 hottest club & techno hits (1993, Captain Hollywood Project, Ace of Base, L.A.Style,Leila K, 2 unlimited, Eskimos & Egypt..) 2,5,-

Dance Deluxe -15 new club & techno hits (Dance 2 Trance, Double You, Twenty 4 Seven, Leila K, 2 unlimited..) 2,5,-

Dance Explosion (1990, Public Enemy, Culture Beat, Dr.Baker, Queen Latifah, 3rd Bass, Hi Tek 3, The Atmosphere..) 3,-

Dance Mania 3 (Masterboy,101,Captain Hollywood,Magic Affair,Captain Jack, Movetron, B.B.E., Mark Oh..) 2,-

Dance Massive 95: (2CD, E-rotic,Corona, Rednex,Scatman John,Prodigy,Alex Party) 3,-

Dance Nation 2 (3CD, Whitney Houston, Basshunter, Chicane, Jan Wayne, Britney Spears, Snap!, Pitbull..) 4,- 4 (2CD,Alice Deejay,E-rotic, Vengaboys,Tess,Eiffel 65,Rednex, Giorgio Moroder vs. Jam & Spoon..) 5,- 5 (2CD, Snap, E-rotic, La Bouche, Kim Lucas, Alice Deejay, Darude, Waldo's People..) 5,-

Dance Now! 4 (Shamen, Culture Beat, Unique II, Taucher, Dj Company..) 3,-

Dance Now! 10 (2CD, Basic Element, Jean Michel Jarre & Apollo 440,Critical Mass) 3,-

Dance Now! 11 (2CD, Vengaboys,Leila K, Evelyn, S.E.X. Appeal,Yummie…) 3,-

Dance Now! 12 (2CD, Bomfunk Mc's:Freestyler, Europe:Final countdown, Caater, Daze, Alexia..) 2,5,-

Dance Now! 14 (2CD, Waldo’s People,SOAP, C-Block,Alexia,Passion Fruit, Caater, Marky..) 2,5,-

Dance Now! 15 (2CD, Caater, Mooovon, Brooklyn Bounce, Daddy Dj..) 3,-

Dance X-plosion: (2CD, DJ Sammy:Heaven, Caater, Snap!, Lasgo, Dj Tiesto..) 2,5,-

Dannii:Girl 3,-

Darude:Before the storm 3,-

Daze:Super heroes 3,-

De La Soul: De La Soul Is Dead 3,-

Desireless:I love you 3,-

Dirty Dancing: Original Soundtrack (mm. (I've had) the time of my life, Patrick Swayze: She's like the wind..) 3,5,-

Disco Classics (Suzi Quatro, Blondie, La Bionda, Santa Esmeralda, KC & the Sunshine Band...) 2,-

Disco Kult (2CD, Lipps Inc:Funky town, C.Douglas:Kung fu fighting, D.Summer, Baccara, Eruption, Santa Esmeralda..) 3,-

Disco Love (2CD, 101, Movetron, Hausmylly, 2.maanantai, Mascara, Mira, Aikakone, Nylon Beat, Chorale...) 4,-

Dj Bobo:Dance with me 3,5,-

Dj Bobo:There is a party 4,-

Dj Bobo: World in motion 3,-

Dj Dance 96 vol.5 (Basic Element, Ice Mc, Magic Affair, Centory, Captain Jack, S.E.X. Appeal, Dr.Alban, Ree 2 Real..) 3,-

Dj Jurgen:Mixed by (Fragma, Ixxel, Hush, Mark van Dale..) 2,-

Dj's Only:Remixed Records 64 (Twenty 4 Seven, Maxx, Pandora, CB Milton, Snipers..) (PROMO) 2,-

Dj Ötzi:Never stop the alpenpop 3,-

DNA: Taste This 3,-

Dr.Alban: Look who's talking 4,-

Dr.Alban: The Very Best of 3,5,-

Drömhus: Längtan 3,5,-

Dynamite dance: (Dr.Alban, Blumchen, 101, 2 Brothers oh the 4th Floor..) 2,-

East 17:Around the world -Hit Singles (2CD) 4,-

Edyta Gorniak:Edyta Gorniak 2,5,-

Eminem: The Eminem show 3,5,-

Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP 3,5,-

Energy Rush 5: (Dance 2 Trance,Haddaway,2 unlimited,Urban Cookie Collective, Culture Beat, Dj Bobo) 2,5,-

Energy Rush 8: (Clubhouse,Cappella,Maxx, Reel II Real:I like to move it,Motiv 8, Alex Party..) 2,5,-

Energy X-travadance (Sash!, Leila K, CB Milton, Waldo:Cool lover, Scooter, Brain Bug, Paradisio, Red 5..) 2,-

Energy X-travadance 2 2,5,-

Energy X-travadance 3 (2CD, Scooter, Dj Bobo, Solid Base, Reset, Blumchen, 666, Ann Lee, Drömhus..) 3,-

Enigma:Le roi est mort, vive le roi! 3,-

Enigma:Voyageur 3,-

Enigma:The Platinum Collection (3CD) 9,-

Enigma: The Screen Behind The Mirror 3,-

Enya: A day without a rain 3,5,-

Enya: Paint the sky with stars -The Best of Enya 3,5,-

Enya: The Memory of trees 3,-

Erasure:Chorus 2,5,- (mm. Love to hate you)

Erasure:I say I say I say 2,5,-

Erasure:Pop! –20 Hits 3,- (Sometimes,Take a chance on me,Who needs love like that..)

E-Type:Last man standing 3,5,-

Euro Hits Forever (2CD, Dr.Alban, Pandora, Dj Bobo, Me&My, Basic Element, E-rotic, Aqua, Bomfunk Mc's, Robert Miles, Culture Beat, E-Type...) 3,5,-

Ex-it:Body talk –The Album 2,5,-

F1 2000: (Tess, Sash!, Ace of Base, Reset, Blumchen, Antique..) 2,5,-

Faithless:Sunday 8pm 3,-

Faithless:Sunday 8pm + Saturday 3am Remix CD (2CD) 4,-

Faithless:Greatest Hits -DVD 5,-

Faithless:Reverence & Irreverence Remix CD (2CD) 4,-

Faithless: The Greatest Hits 3,5,-

Felix: #1 3,5,-

Fun Factory: Nonstop! -The Album 3,5,-

Funkstar De Luxe:Keep on moving (It's too funky in here) 2,5,-

Future Dance (Sash!, Red 5, BB Cue, B-Rave...) 2,-

Giga Hits '95: (2CD, Masterboy, Dj Bobo, Mark Oh', Dune, scooter, Marusha, Fun Factory, La Bouche..) 3,-

Goldie: Saturnzreturn (2CD)(mm. Temper temper) 3,5,-

Graaf: Graaf sisters 3,-

Greatest Dance Album of the World vol.2 (McSar & the Real McCoy, Twenty 4 Seven, Sylvester:You make me feel, Kim Wilde..) 2,5,-

The Grid:Evolver 4,-

Hausmylly:HauStoori 90-94! 4,-

Hausmylly:Tahdonvoimaa 3,5,-

Heartbeats (1997, 2CD: Cutting Crew, Duran Duran, Kim Carnes, Pat Benatar, Climie Fisher, Spandau Ballet, Limahl, Kim Wilde, T'Pau..) 3,-

Herbie:Fingers 3,-

Hit Collection vol. 2 (Ariola 1991, Blue System, Bad Boys Blue, Den Harrow, CC Catch, Modern Talking, Boney M…) 3,-

Hi Tek 3: The Easiest Way 7,-

Hit House (1991, The KLF, Twenty 4 Seven, Sabrina, 2 Mad, Blue Pearl...) 2,5,-

Hitman 2: (Melodie Mc, Interactive, Reel 2 Real, Army of Lovers, Jocelyn Brown & Kym Mazelle...) 3,-

Hits 93 vol.4 (Culture Beat:Mr.Vain, Haddaway:Life, 2 unlimited:Maximum overdrive, Capt Hollywood Project, Cappella..) 2,-

Hittibuumi (Ace of Base, Army of Lovers, Captain Hollywood, Usura, Dr.Alban, Haddaway..) 3,5,-

Hittibuumi 5 (U96, Basic Element, Centory, E-Type, Movetron, Grid...) 3,-

Hittibuumi 6 (E-rotic, Dr.Alban, La Bouche, Dune, Marusha, Intermission...) 3,-

Hit Trax: (1989, Gladys Knight:Licence to kill, Tom Petty, Chris Isaak:Wicked game, London Boys, Avalance:Johnny Johnny come home..) 2,5,-

Holy Noise: Organoised Crime 4,5,-

Human League:Essential (Don't you want me, The Lebanon, Love action..) 3,5,-

Hype:Original Soundtrack (mmm.Tino Singh) 2,-

Härdelli vol.3 (Critical Mass, Ravesystem, Scooter, S-Danger...) 3,-

Ice Mc: Ice 'n' green 3,5,-

I love Disco:Discothek 80's (Raul Rincon, Disco Queen, Deskee, Discojunkies, The Teddy Boys...) 2,-

I'm Raving (Technohead, Blumchen, Prodigy, Critical Mass, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor...) 2,5,-

Inner Circle:Bad to the bone 3,-

Inner Circle: Black roses (sis. Bad boys) 3,-

Inner Circle:The Best of 3,-

Jan Wayne:Back again! 2,5,-

Jan Wayne:Gonne move ya! 2,5,-

Jason Donovan:Ten good reasons 2,-

JS16: Stomping system 3,5,-

Just the Best vol.12 (1997, 2CD, Sash!, U96, Dj Bobo, Heath Hunter, Jam & Spoon, Members of Mayday, Nana...) 3,-

JYRKi Cool Dance (2 unlimited, Coolio:Gangsta's paradise, Leila K, Nicki French, CB Milton..) 2,5,-

Kenny G:Breathless 2,-

Kiss FM Hits 2 (E-rotic, Dr.Alban, U96, Basic Element, Capt Hollywood, Love Message..) 2,-

Kiss FM Hits 4 (Captain Jack, Pandora, Real McCoy, Masterboy, Nana, White Town...) 2,-

Kiss FM Hits 6 (The Rhapsody, B.B.E., Antiloop, Solid Harmonie..) 2,-

Kiss FM Flashback: best of the 80's (A-ha:Take on me, Alphaville:Forever young, Falco:Rock me Amadeus...) 3,-

Kitaro: From the full moon story 3,5,-

Kitaro: Gaia, Onbashira 3,5,-

Kool & the Gang:The Hits -Reloaded (2CD, Fresh, Ladies Night...) 3,-

K-System: Sleep Is The Enemy 5,-

Kylie Minoque:Enjoy yourself 3,-

Kylie:Fever 2,5,-

La Bouche: Sweet dreams -The Album 3,5,-

La Cream: Sound & vision 4,-

Laura Branigan:The Very Best of 3,-

Leila K: Manic panic 3,5,-

Lili & Susie:The Sisters 3,5,-

London Boys:Sweet soul music 3,-

Los Del Rio:Fiesta Macarena 2,5,-

Lou Bega:A little bit of mambo 2,-

Madonna:Bedtime stories 3,-

Madonna: Confessions On a Dance Floor 3,-

Madonna: Erotica 3,-

Madonna:Evita 3,-

Madonna:Ray of light 2,5,-

Madonna:Something to remember -Ballad Hits 2,5,-

Madonna:The Immaculate Collection 3,-

Madonna:True blue 3,5,-

Mark Oh’:Never stop that feeling 3,-

Martika: Toy Soldiers (The Best Of) 3,-

Marusha: Raveland 4,-

Masters of Dance 2009 (2CD, Pulsedriver, Mark Oh', Spencer & Hill, The Teachers, Chris Decay...) 3,-

Mathuresh: Metaphor 3,5,-

Maximum Pop:12" Maxi single collection (Kim Wilde, Duran Duran, Deborah Harry, Heaven 17...) 2,-

Maxx: To the maxximum 3,5,-

MayBee:Ainoa unelma 2,5,-

Mayday - The Great Coalition (2CD, Raver's Nature, Marusha, Resistance D, Tom Wax...) 3,5,-

MC Hammer: Too legit to quit 2,-

Mega Hits 96 (2CD, U96, Masterboy, Captain Jack, E-rotic, Capt.Hollywood, Alexia, Leila K, Centory, BG the Prince of Rap, The Free...) 3,-

Mega Trax vol.1 (Dr.Alban, Robert Miles, Aikakone, H-Blockx..) 1,-

Melanie C:Northern star 2,-

Miisa: Attitude 3,-

Miisa: Miisa (1995) 3,-

Millennium Smash (2CD, E-type,Martay feat. ZZ Top, Aqua..) 2,-

Moby:18 3,-

Moby:Play 3,-

Modern Talking:The 7th Album -Back for good 3,-

Modern Talking:The 8th Album -Alone 3,-

Morcheeba:Fragments of freedom 2,5,-

Muh Muh Dance: (2CD, Heart Attack, Yello, Nana, C-Block, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Sash!...) 2,-

Nice Price -The Past is our future (3CD, M.Jackson, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Öyster Cult, Bangles..) 3,5,-

Nik Kershaw: Greatest Hits 3,5,-

Nikke T.:Muistomyymälän avajaiset 3,-

New Party Planet '94 (Rob'n'Raz, AB Logic, Damage Control, Sven Väth..) 2,5,-

Notting Hill:Music from the motion picture (Elvis Costello, Texas, Pulp...) 1,-

Now 24 (2CD, 1993, Snap, East 17, Robin S, 2 unlimited, Cappella...) 3,-

Now 43 (2CD,1999, ATB, Chicane, Vengaboys, Cartoons, Fatboy Slim...) 2,5,-

N-Trance: Electronic pleasure 3,-

Nylon Beat: Valehtelija 2,-

Oasis:Be here now 3,-

Orb: Cydonia 3,5,-

Orbital:Diversions 3,-

Orbital:Snivilisation 3,-

Outkast:Speakerboxxx/The love below 3,-

Pandora: Changes 3,5,-

Pandora:One of a kind 3,5,-

Pandora:This could be heaven 3,5,-

Papa Dee:Lettin' off steam 2,-

Papa Dee:The journey 3,-

Paradisio: Paradisio 3,-

Party Inside (Ultra-Sonic, Scooter, Prodigy, Dj Paul Elstak, Zhi-vago..) 2,-

Party Jams: volume One (Dj Bobo, Drizabone, Marcia Griffiths, Mera, Noel, Samantha...) 2,-

Party Zone:4 (E-Type,Ice Mc,Fun Factory, Corona,Cappella,Moby,Scatman…) 3,-

Party Zone:38 Great Party Tracks (2CD) 3,- (mm.Fragma,The Candyman,Da Buzz,Scooter..)

Paula Abdul: Greatest Hits 3,-

Paul van Dyk:Seven ways (Special Limited edition double cd) 3,-

Peter Andre: Time 2,-

Peter Cetera: You're the Inspiraton -A Collection 2,5,-

Pet Shop Boys:Actually 3,5,-

Pet Shop Boys::Behaviour 3,5,-

Pet Shop Boys:Disco 2  3,5,-

Pet Shop Boys:Nightlife 3,-

Pet Shop Boys:Very 3,-

Phil Collins: ...But seriously 3,-

Power Dance (The KLF, Technotronic, Gyllene Tider:Sommartiden, Vanilla Ice..) 3,-

Power Dance volume 3 (Maxx, Masterboy, Pharao, Ice MC, 2 brothers on the 4th Floor, Dj Bobo, La Bouche..) 3,-

Powermix vol.3 (Sylvester, Patty Ryan, Danuta, Claudia T, Moltocarina..) 7,-

Prince:Lovesexy 3,5,-

Princessa: Princessa 3,-

Public Enemy: Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black 3,5,-

Puff Daddy & The Family: No way out 2,5,-

Pulssi vol.1 (Haddaway, Caater, Murphy Brown vs. Capt.Hollywood..) 2,-

Rage:Saviour 3,-

Rasmus:Peep 2,-

Rasmus:Playboys 2,-

Raul Orellana:Crossover 2,5,-

Ready Steady Hits (2CD, Corona, E-Type, Maxx, Culture Beat, C&C Music Factory,Rage...) 2,-

Red Hot + Rio (Money Mark, Everything but the girl, Astrud Gilberto & George Michael..) 2,-

Rednex:Sex & violins 3,-

Re:play Dance Rock Mania (We will rock you, Rebel yell, Sweet home Alabama..) 2,5,-

Republica: Republica (07863 66899-2) 3,5,-

Ressu Redford: Sound Of Ressu Redford - 36 Kuuta & Saturnuksen Renkaat (2CD) 4,-

Richi M:Perfect world 2,5,-

Rick Astley:Body 3 & soul 2,-

Rick Astley:Whenever you need somebody 3,-

Robbie Williams:Escapology 2,5,-

Robert Miles:23 am 2,5,-

Rob'n'Raz: Spectrum 3,5,-

Robyn:is here 2,5,-

Roxette:Have a nice day 2,5,-

Roxette:Tourism 3,-

Rozalla:Everybody's free -style 1993 3,-

Safri Duo:Episode II 2,5,-

Sash!:Life goes on 3,-

Sash!: Trilenium 3,5,.

Sasha:Dedicated to... (mm.If you believe) 2,5,-

Saunet:Faith (Basic Elementin laulajan soololevy) 3,-

Savage Garden:Affirmation 2,-

Savage Garden:Savage Garden (mm. To the moon and back) 2,-

Scooter:No time to chill 3,5,-

Scooter: The Singles -Rough and tough and dangerous (2CD) 4,-

Scooter:We bring the noise! 3,5,-

Shampoo:We are shampoo 2,5,-

Sheidi:Arvaa mitä? 2,-

Sheryl Crow:Tuesday night music club 2,5,-

Sinitta:Wicked (1989) 3,5,-

Skin:Fleshwounds 3,-

Smash 4 (Sandra, Patrick Swayze: She's like the wind, S-express...,1988!) 2,5,-

Smash 8 (Snap, Human League, Guru Josh, Bad Boys Blue, Blue System) 2,5,-

Smash 9 (Bad Boys Blue, Lili & Susie, Dr. Alban, Black Box, Yazoo.., 1991) 2,5,-

Smash 11 (Dr.Alban, Blue System, U96, Felix, Kim Wilde...,1992) 2,-

Smurffit: Tanssihitit vol.2 2,-

S.O.A.P.:Not like other girls 2,5,-

Soft Cell:Soft Cell (best of: Tainted love, Torch, ym..) 3,-

Solid Base: Finally 3,5,-

Solid Base:The take off 3,5,-

Snow:12 inches of snow (mm.Informer) 2,5,-

Sonia:Everybody knows 3,- (PWL, 1990)

Sonique:Hear me cry 2,5,-

Sound of R.E.L.S: Sound of R.E.L.S 3,5,-

Sound of Seduction: A cozy condition 4,-

Space Brothers:Shine (2CD) 3,5,-

Space Themes (Star Wars, Galactica, Star Trek..) 2,-

Spagna:No way out 2,-

Spagna:You are my energy 2,5,-

Spice Girls:Forever 2,-

Spice Girls:Spice (mm.Wannabe) 2,-

Spice Girls:Spiceworld 2,-

Stakka Bo:Supermarket 3,-

Stella Getz:Forbidden dreams 3,-

Street'n'Beach: (Sash!, Solid Base, T-Spoon:Sex on the beach, Ondina..) 2,-

Summer in the City 3 (ABC:The look of love, Survivor:Eye of the tiger, Wham:Wake me up before you go-go, City Boy:, John Parr:St.Elmo's fire, Rockwell:Somebodyäs watching me, Soft Cell:Tinted love, Dexy's Midnight Runners:Come on Eileen, ym..) 2,5,-

Summer Love 3 (1991, Paul Young, Susanna Hoffs, Martika, Culture Beat..) 2,-

Summer Night City (Sandra:Maria Magdalena, Haddaway:What is love, Abba, Baltimora:Tarzan boy, Ken Laszlo:Tonight, Sabrina:Boys...) 3,-

Summer Shake vol.1 (Da Buzz, Velvet, September, Alex Gaudino ft. Crystal Waters, Masters at work, Infernal..) 2,-

Sven Väth:Accident in paradise 3,-

Sweetbox:Sweetbox 3,-

Synteesi vol.1 –Suomibuumi (danceversiot mm.: Autiotalo, Vie mut minne vaan, Hyvää ja kaunista..) 2,-

T99: Children Of Chaos 4,-

Taikapeili:Suuri salaisuus -11+5 painos 2,5,-

Take That:Everything changes 2,-

Take That:Nobody else 2,-

Tatjana:Feel good 3,-

Tauski:Taivaassa tavanneet 2,-

Techno & Dance 4 (TE-8185, Leila K, Techno Cop, Dj Bobo, Captain Hollywood Project...) 3,-

Techno & Dance 8 (TD-8238, Imperio,Cappella, Scooter, Mo-Do, Gigi D'agostino, Corona..) 3,5,-

Techno Love: (Dj Bobo, Fun Factory, 101, Silent Circle, Double You, Samira..) 3,-

Technotronic: Body To Body 3,-

Technotronic: Pump Up The Jam 3,5,-

Terence Trent D'arby:Introducing the hardline according to Terence Trent D'arby 3,-

The Best 6 (1988, Mandy Smith, Secret Service, Erasure, S-express…) 3,-

The Best 13 (1992, Army of Lovers, Bad Boys Blue, Dr.Alban, Blue System, Snap..) 2,-

The Chemical Brothers:Dig your own hole 3,5,-

The Heat is on (B.Ocean:Caribbean queen, Culture Club:Karma chameleon, Jan Hammer:Miami Vice theme..) 2,-

The Outhere Brothers: One polish, 2 Biscuits & a fish sandwich -The Remixes 3,5,-

The Rasmus:Dead letters -Limited Edition (+ Bonus CD) 3,-

The Rasmus:Hellofacollection 2,-

The Rasmus:Into 2,-

The Shamen: Boss drum 3,5,-

The Simpsons: Sings the blues 4,-

The Ultimate Party Album (2CD, Haddaway, Ace of Base, Culture Beat, Modern Talking, Daze..) 3,-

The Weather Girls:Think big! 3,-

Tik Tak: Myrskyn edellä 2,5,-

Timmy T:Time after time 3,-

Tina:Joka solulla 3,-

Tina Cousins:Killing time 3,-

Tina Turner: Simply the Best (Best of) 3,5,-

Trance Dance Hits'97 (MEC 60010) 2,5,-

Troll:Put your hands in the air 3,5,-

Tuula:Inside your love 2,-

U 96: Replugged 4,-

Ultravox: Brilliant 4,-

Vanessa Mae:Storm 2,5,-

Vanessa Paradis:Vanessa Paradis (1992) 2,-

Vangelis:Soil festivities 3,5,-

Vaya con Dios: The Very Best of 3,5,-

Waldo:It's about time 3,5,-

Waldo’s People:No man's land 3,-

Weather Girls:Tons of fun (mm. It's raining men) 3,-

Welcome To The Rave Volume 1 (0630-12002-2, Slider, Hi-Score, L.A. Style, Wonderland...) 3,-

Westlife:Westlife (1999) 2,-

Whigfield: Whigfield 3,-

William Orbit:Pieces in a modern style (2CD) 3,5,-

Will Smith: Big Willie style 3,-

Village People:We want you -Greatest Hits 3,-

XL 5:Pedon merkki 2,-

X-perienceMagic fields 3,-

X-perience:Take me home 3,-

X-Themes (The Un-explained:Theme from X-files, Press twice,Carl Cox) 3,-

Ya-kida:Pride (mm. I saw you dancing) 3,-

ZYX Hit-Collection vol. 3 (Rofo, Ice Mc, Don Pablo’s Animals..) 3,-


DVD: Italo Fresh Hits (Cappella, Whigfield, Cabballero, Mo-Do, Playahitty, Double You...) 5,-

Beat Box Master Tracks vol.4 (1988, Radiorama, Albert One, Joe Yellow, Aleph, Koto, Cyber People, Eddy Huntington, Fred Ventura, M & H Band..) 10,-

Den Harrow: Take me (ZYX 7179-8) 3,5,-

Hitalo Beat Mix vol.1 (Coo Coo, Malcolm J. Hill, Ross, Chip Chip, Venice..) 10,-

Italian Style Compilation (Highlander, Tony Scott, Mozart & Master Free, Jinny..) 3,-

Italo Boot Mix vol.6 (Swan, Madogan, Alan Barry, Fabian Nesti, Cyber People, David Lyme...) 6,-

Italo Dance Classics vol.3 (2CD, Brian Ice,Scotch, S.Pozzoli, Mozzart, K.Laszlo, Atrium, Albert One, Lina Jo Rizzo, Interface..) 7,-

Italo House (Koxo Club Band, Ice Mc, Hipnosis…) 3,-

Laserdance:Future generation 10,-

Laserdance:Megamix vol. 1 (3" maxi cd) 5,-

The Best of Italo Disco (Silver Pozzoli, Fun Fun, Ryan Paris, Miko Mission, Gary Low..) 5,-

The World of Italo Boot Mixes (2CD, Swan, Madigan, P4F, Alan Barry, Roger Meno, Linda Jo Rizzo, Fred Ventura, Ken Laszlo...) 7,5,-

ZYX Italo Disco Collection 6 (3CD, Mozzart, savage, Linda Jo Rizzo, S.Pozzoli, Argentina, Rygar...) 10,-



Academy of Trance:Club vol.3 (2CD, Phonetic,Yves Dreuter,R.B.A., Timo Maas..) 3,5,-

Academy of Trance:Club vol.4 (2CD, Schiller,A.van Buuren,Delerium, Push..) 3,5,-

Beats and Styles:We’re not ready yet 2,5,-

Big Star Records:Radio Promo Sampler vol.3 (Audio Club;Boozebangers,N-Euro..) 2,-

Clubbers guide to... 2002:41 Huge Club Cuts (2CD, Tess, Antique, Snap, Ian van Dahl, Goldtrix, Lasgo, Safri Duo, W.O.S.P) 3,-

Clubbers guide to Finland 2003 (2CD, Orkidea, Trance Allstars, Snap!, Mighty 44, Tomcraft) 3,-

Club Zone:Summer in the City (2CD) 2,- (Atb:9 pm til I come,Phats&Small v.Earth wind &fire)

Dj Jurgen:Compiled & Mixed by Dj Jurgen 2,-

D.Trance 12:1999 -Ultimate Full length Trance Tracks (3CD, Phenomenia,Aquaflow..) 4,5,-

D.Trance 14:Ultimate Full length Trance Tracks (3CD, X-trance,Cosmic Gate..) 4,5,-

Electric Beat: (2CD) (Fatboy Slim,ATB,Antique,K-System,Bomfunk MC’s, Ian van Dahl, A.van Helden,Brooklyn Bounce..) 2,5,-

Electro-House Sampler: (Gorge & Greg Silver, Heiko &Maiko,Dada Life..)(PROMO!) 2,-

Electronic Love Affair (2CD, Jimmy van de Velde, X press 2, Jakatta, Timo Maas..) 3,-

Eternal Traxx vol.1 (2CD, Westbam, Antaris Casseopaya, Generator, Cyrus..) 5,-

Fresh Trax –Clubaholic (2CD, Avancada, Dance Nation,Jan Wayne,Snap,Scooter) 3,-

Future Trance Vol.17 (2CD) (585 718-2) 5,-

Goa-Head volume 9 (2CD, Cypher, Jupiter 8000, Astral Projection, Synchro...) 4,-

Goa Trance - volume Two (TRIPCD 3) 4,-

Hard Trance Anthems (3CD, Mauro Picotto, System F, Tukan, Schiller, Cosmic Gate..) 4,-

Ibiza 2000: (Hypertraxx, Fragma, Atb, 2 Eivissa, Aquagen, Crispy..) 2,5,-

Iceberg Records Summer Sampler 2000: (Promo)(Allure,Crispy,Paul Jenner,Alicia..) 2,5,-

Kontor:Sunset Chill 4 (2CD, ATB, Filur,Massive Attack, Moby…) 2,5,-

Kosmonauts@ kontor vol.2 (2CD) 3,- (Brooklyn Bounce,ATB,Yoda,Darude,Dj Tomcraft,ym)

Millennium Party 2000: (Transonic ,666, ATB, System F,Mike Koglin,K-System…) 2,-

Ministry of Sound:The Ibiza Annual (2CD) 3,- (Agnelli+Nelson, Freestylers, Spacebass..)

Paul van Dyk:Return of god! 3,-

Paul van Dyk:Seven ways (Special Limited Edition Double CD) 4,-

Paul van Dyk:The politics of dancing 3,-

Pulse 5 -From here to enlightenment (3CD, Xenomorph, The Infinity Project, Space Tribe..) 6,-

Reincarnation 2002: (CD+DVD, Aquagen, Sven Väth,Kai Tracid,Dance Nation..) 3,-

Skribble’s House:Mixed by Dj Skribble 2,- (Dance Nation,Depeche Mode,Trisco…)

Super Trance 2010: (2CD, Airscape, Gaia,A.van Buuren,Dash Berlin)(papru kostunut) 2,-

Super Trance 2011: (2CD, Sander van Dorn, Ferry Corsten, A. van Buuren...) 4,5,-

Tantrance: A trip to psychedelic Trance (2CD, Astral Projection, Transwave, Hallucingen..) 5,-

Terra Deva:Pulled apart 3,-

The Beautiful Experience of E-Power vol.II (Unknown Structure, Gamma Loop, Energy Raver, Robotnico..) 3,-

The Very Best of Trance Music (CD+DVD, Trance Opera, Velvet Sonic, Robotnico, Planet Violet..) 5,-

Trance 80's (CD+DVD)(Mark Oh', Aquagen, Talla 2XLC, Resource, Baracuda...) 3,5,-

Trance 2003 - The 2nd Edition (AMC 10123) 4,-

Trance Europe Express 5 (2CD, Glamorous Hooligan, Random Logic, Killer Loop..) 5,-

Trancemaster (2CD, Annexia, Silicum, Traumatic, Desert storm, Lazonby..) 4,-

Trancemaster 9 (2CD, Nexxus, Yves Dreuyter, Rozzo, Cosmo...) 4,-

Trance Nation 99-1 (3CD, Da Hool, Lord of Tranz, Hypertrophy, Dj Arek, Penetrator...) 4,-

Trance Nation 02>>00 (2CD, Ayla, Liquid Love, Moby, Dj I.C.O.N., Binary Finary...) 3,5,-

Trance Nation 02>>00 (2CD, Trance Allstars, Delerium, Kosmonova, CRW, Karuma..) 3,5,-

Trance Nation:13 (3CD, Beam &Yanou, Kai Tracid, Taucher, Intrance, Electroworld.. ) 4,-

Trance to Dance vol.1 (2CD, Oxygen, Orinoko, Cosmic Gate, Driftwood, Dreamcatcher..) 3,-

Travelling...2 (2CD) (302.4048.2) 5,-

Harvinaiset 3"cd singlet:

Chicago:25 or 6 to 4 2,-
Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine:Dr. Beat (Long version) (1984) 2,5,-
Toto:Out of love 2,-

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