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Lapko*MYYTY*-Young desire
Jerry Burns
Pretenders-Don't get me wrong 14 classics
Daniella's Daze-Slut
Tim McGraw*MYYTY*-All I want
NOFX-So long and thanks for all the shoes
Lenny Kravitz*MYYTY*-Circus
Charlotte Gainsbourg-5:55
Chesney Hawkes-*MYYTY*Buddy's song
Don Huonot-Tähti
God's Child
Michael Bolton-Time, love & tenderness
HIM*MYYTY*-Dark light
Sahara Hotnights-*MYYTY*- & tell
Cyco Miko*MYYTY*-Lost my brain! (Once again)
Cher*MYYTY*-Love hurts
Nikka Costa-Everybody got their something
Bee Gees-Still Waters
Lisa Nilsson-Samlade sånger 1992-2003
The Best of Laura Pausini
Celine Dion-*MYYTY*- heart
Eros Ramazotti-*MYYTY*- c'e musica
The Best of Rod Stewart
Bruno Mars-Doo*MYYTY*-wops & hooligans
Sugababes-One touch
Shania *MYYTY*--Up!
The Essential *MYYTY*Michael Jackson 2cd
Lisa Stansfield-Affection
Martika's Kitchen
Jessica *MYYTY*-
Vanessa Williams-Next
Phil Collins*MYYTY*-Dance into the light
Michael Buble-It's time
Tina Arena*MYYTY*-Don't ask
Alanis Morissette-*MYYTY*Jagged little pill
Alanis Morissette-Under rug swept
Alanis Morissette-*MYYTY*So-called chaos
Sascha Dupont-*MYYTY*-
Texas-The hush
Tina Turner-Sumply the best
The Corrs-*MYYTY*- blue
Wilson Phillips*MYYTY*-Greatest hits
Cher-Greatest hits
Pink*MYYTY*-Greatest far cd+dvd
Madonna-Like a prayer
KT Tunstall-Drastic Fantastic
Tarja Turunen-Henkäys ikuisuudesta
Jennifer Brown*MYYTY*-Home
Penelope Houston-Cut you
Sophie B. Hawkins-Timbre
Marie Picasso*MYYTY*-The secret
Anika *MYYTY*--On Gardner street
Costi-Once in a blue moon
U2*MYYTY*-Rattle and hum
Hootie & the blowfish-Cracked rear view
Aerosmith-Just push play
Dave Stewart-Greetings from the gutter
R.E.M.-*MYYTY*New adventures in hi-fi
Inxs*MYYTY*-Elegantly wasted
Franz Ferdinand-You could have it so much better
Lenny Kravitz*MYYTY*-Mama said
Manic Street Preachers-*MYYTY*Greatest hits
Keane-Perfect symmetry
Bryan Adams*MYYTY*- -On a day like today
Coldplay-A rush of blood to the head
Pet Shop Boys-Disco2
Terence Trent D'Arby's Symphony or damn
Arctic Monkeys-*MYYTY*Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not
Suede-*MYYTY*Head music
Wet Wet Wet-*MYYTY*- this / Elvis-30#1 Hits / Andreas Johnson-Liebling / Serious Clubhits 3...2cd / Radiostars...2cd / 30 Years of Entertainment...2cd / Reggae Reggae*MYYTY*...2cd / Jaku Havukainen-*MYYTY*- Rocks with the Stars / Josh Groban / The Irresponsibles-When Pigs Fly / Studio 99 perform Roy Orbison / The Shadows-*MYYTY*. Vibrations / Cliff Richard-1970s / Cliff Richard-*MYYTY*-1980s / Frank Sinatra-Unohtumattomat / Carl Perkins-Original Hits / 20 Great Oldies / Ben E. King & The Drifters*MYYTY*-Stand By Me / Paul Simon and Friends-Play Me a Sad Song / Neil Diamond-Tennessee Moon / Bobby Womack-The Poet II / ...Levyjen kunto hyvä/tyydyttävä, Kaikki soivat hyvin

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