Christine Balint englanninkielinen Ophelias Fan. Kovakantinen kirja, 351 sivua. Kirja on hyvässä ja siistissä kunnossa, jäänyt lukematta.

Huom! Kirjan sivujen reunat ovat hieman epätasaiset. Kirjakaupan myyjä väitti että kuuluu olla niin (ainoa kpl kirjakaupassa joten en päässyt vertailemaan että pitääkö paikkansa). Kirjan sivujen ylä- ja alareunat ovat sileitä ja tasaisia.

Näin kirjasta on mm. kirjoitettu (Amazon.com):
"Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
In her atmospheric second novel, Balint (The Salt Letters) fictionalizes the meteoric rise of Harriet Smithson, a real 19th-century actress who, like her parents, was "called" to the stage from an early age. As a child, acting comes naturally to lonely Harriet, whose parents—traveling Shakespearean dramatists—leave their daughter in the care of a priest in County Clare, Ireland. By the time shes 18, shes on the stage in London, serving her apprenticeship in the theaters of Drury Lane. She goes on to wider fame when she moves her entourage to Paris, where composer Hector Berlioz is her most ardent fan, Harriets stage presence inspiring him to write his most famous work, the Symphonie Fantastique. The two are eventually married, but trouble lies ahead for them, revealed in fictional letters written by Harriet to her son. Balints research is painstaking, and she delicately recreates the theater world of London and Paris in the early 19th century. In a lesser novelists hands, the fragmented narrative and frequent time shifts might have felt choppy, but instead they add delicious tension to this portrait of the difficult relationship between Berlioz and his erstwhile muse.

From School Library Journal
Adult/High School–Harriet Smithson was a great Shakespearean actress of the early 19th century and the muse for many of the French Romantics. She was the child of traveling players in Ireland and at an early age showed a talent for the stage, even though she received a conventional young ladys upbringing and education. She eventually married her most devoted admirer, Hector Berlioz, who was inspired to write "Symphonie Fantastique" by her performance as Ophelia. In this novel, the thespians life is told like a play itself, moving from scene to scene. Like Ophelia, Harriet seeks love, acceptance, and stability. Her story is a fascinating glimpse into the uncertain life of the early-19th-century theater. Compelling reading for aspiring actors, Shakespeare enthusiasts, and fans of Jane Austen.–Sallie Barringer, Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati, OH
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