Classic Western Round-Up Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Kahdeksan klassista Universal-yhtiön westerniä neljällä DVD-levyllä. Ohjaajina mm. King Vidor, Raoul Walsh, Jacques Tourneur ja Budd Boetticher. Tähtinä Randolph Scott, Rock Hudson, Glenn Ford, Dana Andrews ja Audie Murphy.

Jenkkijulkaisu ilman suomitekstejä, jossa aluekoodi R1. Edellyttää R1-yhteensopivaa tai aluekoodivapaata DVD-laitetta.

Julkaisijana alkuperäinen tuotantoyhtiö Universal tasokkaalla masteroinnilla. Kaikissa elokuvissa tekstitys englanniksi.

Classic Western Round-Up Vol. 1

Journey back to the Old West for timeless adventures in the Classic Western Round-Up: Volume 1! Relive all the gunfights, barroom brawls and romance with The Texas Rangers, Canyon Passage, Kansas Raiders and The Lawless Breed. Starring Hollywood favorites Rock Hudson, Fred MacMurray, Audie Murphy and Dana Andrews, this action-packed collection features some of the most exciting films ever to hit the silver screen!

 The Texas Rangers (1936)

Two crooks (Fred MacMurray and Jack Oakie) reluctantly enlist in the Texas Rangers as a means of staying one-step ahead of the law.

Canyon Passage (1946) 

Adventure awaits when a pack-mule express owner (Dana Andrews) escorts a young woman (Susan Hayward) home to a remote Oregon town.

Kansas Raiders (1950) 

Jesse James (Audie Murphy) and his brothers join William Quantrill (Brian Donlevy) and his vengeful raiders in an effort to save the Confederacy.

The Lawless Breed (1953)

When famed outlaw John Wesley Hardin (Rock Hudson) is released from prison, he gives an in-depth account of his scandalous life to a local newspaper.

Classic Western Round-Up Vol. 2

See how the West was really won in the action-packed Classic Western Round-Up: Volume 2! Experience all of the shootouts, fights and escapades with The Texans, California, Cimarron Kid and The Man From the Alamo. Starring Hollywood favorites Glenn Ford, Randolph Scott, Audie Murphy and Ray Milland, this adventure-filled collection features some of the most thrilling films ever to come out of the Wild West!

 The Texans (1938)

A former Confederate soldier (Randolph Scott) takes on new battles after the Civil War when he agrees to lead a herd of cattle to a recently completed railroad.

California (1946)

An Army deserter (Ray Milland) and a woman with a past (Barbara Stanwyck) head to the sunshine state - before it even was a state - during the 1848 mass migration.

Cimarron Kid (1952)

When corrupt railroad officials wrongly accuse him of participating in a train robbery, Bill Doolin (Audie Murphy) joins the Dalton gang and soon becomes the legendary outlaw know as the "Cimarron Kid." 

The Man From the Alamo (1953)

During the Texas war for independence, a survivor (Glenn Ford) of the brutal battle at The Alamo is branded a coward and sets out to clear his name.






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