46 Full-Size Patterns.

The distinctive glow of light and color given off by stained glass lampshades adds warmth and beauty to any décor. Now you can make your own exquisite shades with this versatile collection of full-size floral patterns. Choose from a rich variety of designs, ranging from traditional and Art Nouveau styles to motifs with contemporary flair.
The shapes of the designs vary widely to suit many different lamp styles. Each pattern is presented in a handy, usable size, though you may choose to enlarge or reduce it to suit your needs. The lampshades you create from these beautiful workable designs will fill any room or space with the special magic that only light filtered through stained glass can provide.

  • uudenveroinen, lukematon
  • pehmeäkantinen
  • englanninkielinen
  • painettu 1990
  • 46 kaavasivua
  • ISBN 0-486-26278-2

Katso muutkin lasityökirja ja tiffanylampunvarjostin kohteeni.

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staineg glass

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