"Officers Jimmy Monroe and Paul Hodges have their weapons drawn on a gun-wielding killer. They agree to shoot on three. But, wait, does that mean 1 ... 2 ... shoot or 1 ... 2 ... 3 .. then shoot? Punches hit hard and laughs hit harder (or is it the other way ’round?) when action star Bruce Willis and ace comic Tracy Morgan pair as bickering-but-got-your-back Brooklyn buddy cops. Kevin Smith directs the gritty, goofball goings-on as the guys hunt for a stolen 1952 mint-condition baseball card (Jimmy needs it to fund his daughter’s wedding), a hunt plunging them into a gunslinging war with a deadly drug ring. Batter up, fans. The boys are ready to take you out to the ol’ brawl game!"

"Maximum Comedy Mode" with director Kevin Smith and actor Sean William Scott (175:18) 
Focus Points (with Play All function) (21:22) 
- "Cop Out AKA A Couple of..." featurette (1:05) 
- "The New Buddy Cop Duo" featurette (3:26) 
- "Kevin Pollack: A Man of a Thousand Voices and Accents" (1:42) 
- "Improvising: Now That's Funny" featurette (3:29) 
- "Poh Boy's Diamond Vault" featurette (2:07) 
- "Stunts: Brooklyn Style" featurette (3:02) 
- "Tracy Morgan Speaks Spanglish" featurette (2:31) 
- "Dave's Calling Card" featurette (0:48) 
- "Kevin Smith Directs" featurette (3:11) 
"Wisdom From the Shit Bandit" shorts (with Play All function) (4:04) 
- "Dave's Advice for Future Generations" (0:25) 
- "Dave's Thoughts on Fate" (0:23) 
- "Dave Supports the Arts" (0:19) 
- "Dave Takes a Stand for Women's Rights" (0:22) 
- "Dave on Violence" (0:24) 
- "Dave Is Deep (About Food)" (0:22) 
- "Dave on Privacy" (0:21) 
- "Dave's Thoughts on Friendship" (0:21) 
- "Dave Doesn't Fear the Light" (0:31) 
- "Dave's Thoughts on the Environment" (0:36) 

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