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live at europe:


“Ice 9”

“Back to the World”

“It's Alright”/”Amen”

“Gypsy Woman”

Freddie's Dead


“We've Gotta Have Peace”

We've Only Just Begun” (Paul Williams, Roger Nichols)

People Get Ready

Move On Up

"(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go"

“When Seasons Change”

do it all night:

"Do It All Night" (Gil Askey, Curtis Mayfield) – 8:17

"No Goodbyes" (Askey, Mayfield) – 7:40

"Party, Party" (Askey, Mayfield) – 7:54

"Keeps Me Loving You" (Mayfield) – 3:24

"In Love, In Love, In Love" (Mayfield) – 4:20

"You Are, You Are" (Mayfield) – 3:38

take it to the streets:

1."Homeless"  7:31

2."Got to Be Real"  4:44

3."Do Be Down"  4:07

4."Who Was That Lady?"  4:55

5."On and On"  3:41

6."He's a Fly Guy"  4:54

7."Don't Push"  4:23

8."I Mo Git U Sucka"  


1."Tell Me, Tell Me (How Ya Like to be Loved)"  MayfieldMayfield6:24

2."What is My Woman For?"  Bunny SiglerMayfield7:17

3."Between You Baby and Me"  MayfieldMayfield4:43

4."Victory"  MayfieldMayfield3:18

5."Over The Hump"  SiglerMayfield5:15

6."You Better Stop"  SiglerMayfield6:51

7."You're So Good to Me"  Mayfield, Gil AskeyMayfield6:54

8."Heartbeat"  Mayfield, AskeyMayfield4:23

superfly (and more):  (ei kuvassa)

1. Superfly 3:52

2. Freddie's Dead 5:25

3. Kung Fu 3:47

4. So In Love 5:10

5. Only You Babe 4:19

6. Get Down 5:45

7. Future Shock 3:35

8. Mothers' Son 6:03

9. Short Eyes / Freak, Free, Free, Free 5:43

10. We Got To Have Peace 4:43

11. If I Were Only A Child Again 2:52

12. Sweet Exorcist 3:49

13. Show Me Love 3:44

14. Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here 5:27

15. Do It All Night 3:38

16. (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go 7:49


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