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Zephyr Books, a Library of British and American Authors Vol. 19, 1946 Stockholm Edition, Banned from Sale in the UK

Dashiell Hammett's crime thriller and its hard-boiled hero Sam Spade influenced everyone from Chandler to Le Carré ... The Maltese Falcon is the Hammett novel that jumps from the pages of its genre and into literature ? GUARDIAN

His name remains one of the most important and recognisable in the crime fiction genre. Hammett set the standard for much of the work that would follow ? INDEPENDENT

One of the foremost practitioners of the hard-boiled detective story ? THE SCOTSMAN

The dean of the school of hard-boiled fiction ? NEW YORK TIMES

He put these people down on paper as they are, and he made them talk and think in the language they customarily used -- Raymond Chandler

He is master of the detective novel, yes, but also one hell of a writer ? BOSTON GLOBE

The first fully "hard-boiled" hero in American letters ? NEW YORKER

Samuel Dashiell Hammett, May 27, 1894 – January 10, 1961) was an American author of hard-boiled detective novels and short stories, screenwriter, and political activist. Among the enduring characters he created are Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon), Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man), and the Continental Op (Red Harvest and The Dain Curse). Hammett "is now widely regarded as one of the finest mystery writers of all time". In his obituary in The New York Times, he was described as "the dean of the... 'hard-boiled' school of detective fiction." Time magazine included Hammett's 1929 novel Red Harvest on its list of the 100 best English-language novels published between 1923 and 2005. His novels and stories also had a significant influence on films. Hammett was born on a farm in Saint Mary's County, Maryland. His parents were Richard Thomas Hammett and Anne Bond Dashiell; his mother belonged to an old Maryland family, whose name in French was De Chiel. Known as Sam, Hammett was baptized a Catholic, and grew up in Philadelphia and Baltimore. He left school when he was 13 years old and held several jobs before working for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. He served as an operative for Pinkerton from 1915 to February 1922, with time off to serve in World War I. The agency's role in union strike-breaking eventually left him disillusioned. Hammett enlisted in the Army in 1918 and served in the Motor Ambulance Corps. He was afflicted during that time with the Spanish flu and later contracted tuberculosis. He spent most of his time in the Army as a patient at Cushman Hospital in Tacoma, Washington, where he met a nurse, Josephine Dolan, whom he married on 7 July 1921 in San Francisco. Hammett and Dolan had two daughters, Mary Jane (born 1921) and Josephine (born 1926). Shortly after the birth of their second child, Health Services nurses informed Dolan that due to Hammett's TB, she and the children should not live with him full-time. Dolan rented a home in San Francisco, California, where Hammett would visit on weekends. The marriage soon fell apart, but he continued to financially support his wife and daughters with the income he made from his writing.

Adapted in 1941 American film noir directed and scripted by John Huston in his directorial debut. It stars Humphrey Bogart as private investigator Sam Spade and Mary Astor as his femme fatale client.

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